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Is 3F UL gear any good?

Is 3F UL gear any good?

It’s very lightweight, especially if you are taking a trekking pole with you anyway and if you fancy ditching the groundsheet. It held up very well in some soggy conditions on my trip, and although the sleeping space was tight, that’s nothing new for most ultralight tents. And for the price, it’s difficult to complain.

How much is the lanshan 2?

Lanshan 2 At A Glance: Height: 100cm – 125cm (depending on set up) Weight: 1.1kg. Stakes Included: Yes – similar to MSR Mini Groundhogs. Price Range: $100-$200USD.

How much does the lanshan 2 weight?

The Lanshan 2 weighs 1155 grams, without trekking poles – but you can usually pick poles up for next to nothing at no more than a few hundred grams.

Who makes the lanshan 2?

3F UL GEAR Lanshan
( There are no reviews yet. ) The 3F UL GEAR Lanshan 2 is our most popular 2-person tent, and it is one of the most affordable ultralight tents in the world. the 2021 version has expanded space and is more friendly to taller people.

Does lanshan need footprint?

Does the Lanshan 2 need a footprint? While the tent does have a footprint you can purchase that is made specifically for this tent you will be better off to cut a footprint from a sheet of Tyvek or Polycro to size which will ensure a much lighter weight layer for protection that also takes up less space in your pack.

Who makes the lanshan tent?


Recommended Uses For Product Camping & Hiking
Design Camping Tent
Brand 3F UL GEAR
Seasons 3 Season, 4 Season
Item Weight 1155 Grams

Does LanShan 2 need seam sealing?

We do not recommend seal all seams, because that will increase the weight. The operation can be carried out from top to bottom.

Does the LanShan 2 need a footprint?

Do you have to seam seal LanShan 2?

The LanShan 2 is made with PU-coated silnylon and is seam-taped to make it waterproof. However, there are many spots on the rainfly ridgeline and the side pullouts with extra stitching that you’ll want to seam-seal to prevent rain from leaking through the needle holes.