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Is 2009 Honda Accord Euro a good car?

Is 2009 Honda Accord Euro a good car?

2009 Honda Accord Euro 8th Gen A great all round car, comfortably seats 5, solid on the road, plenty of power, 2.4 litre reliable Honda engine. In the 10 yrs of ownership I had no major mechanical problems. I was surprised how many potential buyers there were for the car.

Are Honda Accord luxury cars?

When it comes to being a luxury car, the 2021 Honda Accord checks almost all of the boxes. It has a quiet and comfortable ride, a spacious cabin, and all of the amenities that you would look for in a luxury car.

Are Honda Accord Euros fast?

A refined five-speed semi automatic is available in the Honda Accord Euro, but the six-speed manual transmission is quick. On the right stretch of road you can fly, as the Honda Accord Euro runs beyond a surefooted 225 km/h.

Why did Honda stop making Accord Euro?

The Accord Euro succumbed because of global demand for the wide-body Accord that’s more like a Toyota Camry and a winner in the US heartland. Nearly 75,000 Accord Euros have been delivered in Australia over the past 12 years, a result that handily trumps the sibling locally.

Are Honda Accord Euro reliable?

Comfortable, economical and reliable! I’ve owned this my 2006 base manual Accord euro since new. Mechanically it’s perfect and haven’t needed to repair anything. Fuel economy is fantastic, I use my car for work and in mixed City highway driving I never use more than 7.8l per 100km.

What is the luxury version of the Honda Accord?

The Acura TLX is a legit luxury sports coupe with a cab-rearward setup, sharp LED headlights, a swoopy roofline, and plenty of swooping bodylines. The 2019 Honda Accord is your typical four-door family sedan designed with the masses in mind.

What is the luxury model of Honda Accord?

The 2021 Honda Accord 2.0T Is Practically the Perfect Entry-Level Luxury Car.

How long can Honda Accord Euro last?

In fact, according to Consumer Reports, Hondas are one of the vehicles that last the longest. If they’re maintained properly, popular models such as Honda Accords and Honda Civics can last between 200,000 to 300,000 miles. With usual car usage, this means that you can use these cars for 15 to 20 years.

Are Honda Accord euros reliable?

Long live the Accord Euro I bought this car second hand in 2014 with 50k on the clock now it has 120 and there has been 70k of reliable and trouble-free motoring. The car is quiet, drives super smooth and has sporty handling. Excellent build quality and paint finish. Fuel economy is rather good at 8L/100km.

Why is it called Accord Euro?

In markets where both versions of the Accord are sold, such as in New Zealand and Australia, the smaller Japan/Europe-type car is called Accord Euro to distinguish it from the larger North American model.

When did they stop making Honda Accord Euro?

Honda has revealed this week that its premium Accord Euro sedan will be discontinued globally in 2015, with no direct replacement planned.

Is Honda Accord Euro better than Honda Accord?

The smaller Accord, badged as the ‘Euro’ is aimed at buyers who prefer European cars for their handling and overall feel. It provides an excellent combination of Japanese quality and chassis dynamics. The other model, simply called Honda Accord is larger, American oriented and aimed at those who prefer comfort.