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In which countries did the EXO became famous?

In which countries did the EXO became famous?

SM Entertainment wanted to win over the Chinese market, so EXO became the first Korean-Chinese all male group. EXO-K targets the Korean market, while EXO-M goes for China. In 2012, EXO released “MAMA” in both Korean and Chinese. Both versions rocked the charts in both countries.

What is EXO’s most viewed MV?

As of February 2022, the most popular video on SM Entertainment’s YouTube channel (SM Town) was the official music video of its boy band EXO’s song “Ko Ko Bop”, with over 328 million views.

How many EXO views does China have?

They’ve now come out with a list of the most streamed Korean artists in China, and EXO are firmly in first place with almost 4.5 billion streams.

Who is K-pop king?

BTS vocalist Jimin has earned the title in the AllKPOP poll for the previous two years. He was dubbed ‘King of Kpop’ after receiving a staggering 12,568,794 votes….King of Kpop 2022.

Ranking Kpop Idols
1 Jimin
2 Cha Eun Woo
3 Jungkook
4 Yunho

Who is most famous Korea?


Rank Name Profession
1 Exo Boy band
2 Kim Soo-hyun Actor
3 Yuna Kim Figure skater
4 Jun Ji-hyun Actress

Which K-pop group is most popular in India?

BTS Is India’s Most Popular Kpop Group. Continue reading to learn about India’s Top 3 Kpop Groups. BTS, or Bangtan Boys of Seven Members, is a Korean pop band that was established in 2010.

Who is most popular EXO?

Even if Exo is a very popular group it still consists of the most popular and least popular members. So based on web research, social meadia accounts and articles, the most popular locally are Chanyeol, Sehun, Baekhyun. While internationally it’s Sehun, Chanyeol, Kai.

Is EXO still famous in China?

EXO’s popularity in China is indisputable, and they proved it again. WEIBO, China’s biggest social platform with 573 million monthly active users, released the most popular overseas male act list every month. From January to August, all EXO members entered the top 10.

Is EXO still popular in China?

EXO are still ‘The Most Streamed K-pop Artists in Mainland China’ (2020). Last year (2019) they also took the 1’st spot with 7B+ streams. While in (2018), they got 4B+ streams in all Platform taking the 1’st spot.

Can EXO beat BTS?

EXO-L celebrates this victory. EXO beat BTS on Music Bank and was crowned No. 1 this week thanks to their track “Don’t fight the feeling”. At the end of the music show, the MCs announced the winner, and the K-pop group’s song was the one that defeated the world-famous “Butter.”

Is EXO popular in China?