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How old was Steve Winwood when he recorded gimme?

How old was Steve Winwood when he recorded gimme?

Davis co-wrote “Gimme Some Lovin’,” his group’s biggest hit. He played rhythm guitar in the band and occasionally sang lead vocals, lending his baritone voice mostly to blues-oriented material. But it was Mr. Winwood, who was only 15 when Mr.

Did Steve Winwood write Gimme Some Lovin?

“Gimme Some Lovin'” is a song written by Steve Winwood, Spencer Davis and Muff Winwood, although solely credited to Steve Winwood on the UK single label, and performed by the Spencer Davis Group….Gimme Some Lovin’

“Gimme Some Lovin'”
Songwriter(s) Steve Winwood Spencer Davis Muff Winwood
Blues Brothers singles chronology

Why did Steve Winwood leave Spencer Davis Group?

Winwood left the band in 1967 to form Traffic and later Blind Faith, but the band would continue to tour throughout the years in several iterations. “He was definitely a man with a vision, and one of the pioneers of the British invasion of America in the Sixties,” Winwood says.

Who covered Gimme Some Lovin?


Title Performer Release date
Gimme Some Loving The Spencer Davis Group October 28, 1966
Gimme Some Lovin’ The Jordan Bros. December 1966
Gimme Some Lovin’ The Outsiders [US] January 1967
Gimme Some Lovin’ The La De Da’s May 1967

What kind of organ did Steve Winwood play?

Hammond organ
Steve Winwood was introduced to American audiences 37 years ago. His calling card was the wail of a Hammond organ.

How old was Steve Winwood when he played with the Spencer Davis Group?

Winwood burst into prominence in 1963 at the age of 15 with the Spencer Davis Group. The band enjoyed a string of chart-topping hits by way of such enduring classics as “Gimme Some Lovin’”, “I’m A Man”, and “Keep On Running”.

Who wrote Gimme some love?

Spencer Davis
Muff WinwoodSteve Winwood
Gimme Some Lovin’/Composers

What did Spencer Davis died of?

PneumoniaSpencer Davis / Cause of deathPneumonia is an inflammatory condition of the lung primarily affecting the small air sacs known as alveoli. Symptoms typically include some combination of productive or dry cough, chest pain, fever, and difficulty breathing. The severity of the condition is variable. Wikipedia

Who was lead singer of Spencer Davis Group?

The Spencer Davis Group
World Classic RockersVoices of Classic Rock
Spencer Davis/Music groups

When did the Spencer Davis Group release Gimme Some Lovin?

1967Gimme Some Lovin’ / Released

Who died from Spencer Davis Group?

Spencer Davis, Welsh musician and founder of the Spencer Davis Group, died Monday while being treated for pneumonia in the hospital. He was 81. Bob Birk, his booking agent for more than 30 years, confirmed Davis’ death to Rolling Stone.

Is Spencer Davis still alive?

October 19, 2020Spencer Davis / Date of death