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How old is Milla Maxwell?

How old is Milla Maxwell?

Milla Maxwell
Race Human / Spirit
Gender Female
Age 20 (TOX) 21 (TOX2)
Height 168cm

What game is Milla from?

Tales of Xillia
Milla Maxwell (ミラ=マクスウェル, Mira Makusuueru?) is one of two main protagonists of the game Tales of Xillia. Created as the incarnation of Maxwell, the “Lord of Spirits”, Milla controls the Four Great Spirits: Efreet, Undine, Sylph, and Gnome. She holds the duty to protect the world and everything that resides in it.

Is Tales of Xillia an anime?

Japan is getting ready to experience Tales of Xillia 2, but those of us in the west still have to wait until 2013 to play the first Tales of Xillia. To keep the hype pumping, Namco Bandai released a slew of English screenshots today, showcasing the anime intro, battle system, environments, and more.

How old is Magilou tales of Berseria?

Magilou’s age is never specified, though the game’s official World Guidance book indicates that she is somewhere in her late twenties. Being that she has a decade-long reputation as the “lost legate” of the Abbey, it can be inferred that Magilou is an adult with somewhat of a youthful appearance.

Is Tales of Xillia on PC?

TALES OF XILLIA | Official Website (EN) The magical world of MY LITTLE PONY gallops onto consoles and PC this year for a whole new generation!

Who voices Alvin in Tales of Xillia?

Matthew Mercer is the English dub voice of Alvin in Tales of Xillia, and Tomokazu Sugita is the Japanese voice.

Is Seres Celica?

Celica was a sacrificial body to call down Seres into the world, resulting in a completely different being and entity but with the former’s soul placed in her body. She is the parent and lone mother of Laphicet.

How old is velvet Crowe?

Velvet Crowe
Age 16 (Prologue) 19 (Physically), Immortal
Height 170cm
Occupation Lord of Calamity
Weapon Gauntlet Blade Sorcerer’s Ring

Where can I play Tales of Xillia?

I have great news to tell you all: Tales of Xillia is now available exclusively for PS3 in North America, both at retail and digitally on PlayStation Store.

Is Laphicet a boy?

Personality. Laphicet is a quiet and shy boy who was originally enslaved as if without a soul, desire or objective.