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How old is Lxthul?

How old is Lxthul?

Tony “LethuL” Campbell Jr. is 26 years old and competed at his first Halo event in 2010.

Does LethuL still play Halo?

Tony “LethuL” Campbell Jr. is a Halo esports player, currently a player for Sentinels.

What team is LethuL on?

Tony “LethuL” Jr. (born January 25, 1994) is an American player who is currently playing for Sentinels.

Who is the best Halo player of all time?

(1) OGRE2 – 219 Points Tom is the winningest player in Halo history. With 5 MLG National Championship victories across 4 Halo titles and multiple season MVP awards, OGRE2 stands atop the pack as the greatest of all time. With his unprecedented 14 year career and 40 LAN victories, OGRE2 set the bar for future pros.

How old is ogre2?

35 years (August 3, 1986)Tom Ryan / Age

Who is snipedown?

Eric “Snip3down” Wrona is a Halo esports player, currently a player for FaZe Clan. He is one of the most successful players in competitive Halo history, with over twenty major event wins including the 2008 MLG National Championship and the Fall 2016 HCS Pro League Finals.

Why is Royal 2 suspended?

Royal2, who was a player with Sentinels, was suspended from all Halo competition after he was discovered to be cheating in a recent qualifier for the Halo Championship Series Kickoff Major Raleigh 2021.

How many championships does Ogre 2 have?

Overall, His career lasted 13 years, spanned over nine titles, amassed 51 tournament wins across 4v4, 2v2 and FFA settings, and has come to an end. After failing to qualify for the HCS Pro League in Halo 5, he announced his retirement. OGRE 2 will forever be remembered as the greatest to ever play the game.

Who are Ogre 1 and Ogre 2?

Tom Ryan, known under the pseudonym Ogre 2, is a retired professional Halo player from Columbus, Ohio, widely considered to be the greatest Halo player of all time. He and his twin brother Dan (“Ogre 1”) are known as the “Ogre Twins”. In 2005, he and his brother won the gold medal in Halo 2 at the World Cyber Games.

Is snipe down in FaZe?