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How old is Hiraga Saito?

How old is Hiraga Saito?

Saito Hiraga

Saito Chevalier de Hiraga
Birthdate December 9
Age 17
Height 172 cm
Occupations Knight Student (Earth)

What is the name of saitos sword?

Derflinger (デルフリンガー, Derufuringā) is an Intelligent Sword and Saito Hiraga’s talking sword.

Who does Saito marry?

After Saito sets his mind at ease (though his contract with Tiffa had run out, his contract with Louise kept him alive). With the Dragon dead, Saito then proposed to Louise and they were married. After their wedding Louise used her magic to go to Saito’s world to visit his parents.

Does Agnes like Saito?

She seems to have developed a friendship with Saito. When Agnès learns that Saito no longer has Gandálfr’s powers, she trains with him to fight. She does this because she is aware that Saito wants to protect Louise.

Does Saito return to Japan?

The Familiar of Zero: Knight of the Twin Moons (2007) Episode No. Series No. Saito is overjoyed to find himself back in Japan, having returned in the Zero Fighter.

Is there a wiki for the familiar of zero?

Welcome to The Familiar of Zero Wiki! This wiki is about the manga and anime series The Familiar of Zero by Noboru Yamaguchi †. There are currently 176 pages and you can freely edit. Anyone is free to help in expanding knowledge and understanding about the series. Twelve volumes of two people in one magical adventure!

Is the familiar of Zero Rondo of princesses an anime?

Retrieved January 28, 2016. ^ “Sentai Filmworks Licenses The Familiar of Zero: Rondo of Princesses Anime”. Anime News Network. January 20, 2015. Retrieved January 20, 2016.

What is the background of the character Kirche?

Kirche comes from a noble family in Germania with a military background. In the past, Kirche left Vindobona Academy of Magic in her hometown, leaving her no choice but to go abroad to get an education.

Who is Kirche Zerbst?

Kirche Augusta Frederica von Anhalt Zerbst (キュルケ・オーガスタ・フレデリカ·ヴォン·アンハルト・ツェルプスト, Kyuruke Ōgasuta Furederika von Anharuto Tsērupusuto) is a student of Tristain Academy of Magic, hailing from the Empire of Germania and specializing in fire magic . Kirche comes from a noble family in Germania with a military background.