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How often should you change cabin air filter Honda Civic?

How often should you change cabin air filter Honda Civic?

every 15,000-30,000 miles
Your Honda Civic service manual states you should replace your engine air filter & cabin air filter every 10,000 miles in extreme conditions and every 15,000-30,000 miles in colossal driving conditions. It’s paramount to have your filters checked every time you take your vehicle in for an oil change.

How do you put an air filter in a Honda Civic engine?


  1. Park the vehicle and set the parking brakes.
  2. Pull the hood release under the dashboard and open the hood.
  3. Locate the engine air filter in the engine bay.
  4. Pop out the metal clips that secure the air filter housing.
  5. Lift up the housing and remove the engine air filter.
  6. Install a new air filter in reverse order.

Where is the air filter in a Honda Civic?

Ordinarily, it will be located behind the glove box. Just like engine air filters, cabin air filters in your 2022 Honda Civic are designed to evenly clean the air as it moves through your heating, air conditioning, and ventilation system. The cabin air filter removes allergens such as pollen and dust.

What is Cabin Air Filter?

The cabin air filter gets rid of the contaminants that are pumped into the cabin with the fans running, explains Over time, these filters can get clogged with dirt and other debris. When the cabin air filter is dirty, says CARFAX, it won’t clean the air in the car as effectively.

What’s the difference between a cabin air filter and air filter?

In short, the air filter purifies the air that your car breathes, while the cabin filter purifies the air that your passengers breathe, both by blocking contaminants from your vehicle.

How much is an air filter for a Honda Civic?

The average cost for a Honda Civic air filter replacement is between $48 and $63. Labor costs are estimated between $28 and $36 while parts are priced between $19 and $27.

How often should I replace engine air filter?

As a rule of thumb, most average drivers should be able to go one to two years before needing a new air filter. A word of warning: Any mechanic who recommends a new engine air filter every time you bring your vehicle in for an oil change (i.e., every 3,000-5,000 miles) is a red flag.

How often should I change my Honda air filter?

After a quick look at your air filter, you might notice a dirty component, which means you are due for a quick change! To stay safe, we suggest a visit every three years or 15,000 to 30,000 miles.

Can I change cabin air filter myself?

Most cabin air filters can be replaced in less than 15 minutes without tools, although some take a little longer and may require removing fasteners that hold the glove box or interior trim panels in place. If you need help replacing your filter, check with your local auto repair shop.