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How much weight can a Kia K2700 carry?

How much weight can a Kia K2700 carry?

The Kia K2700 has maximum towing capacity of 1400kg for the latest model available.

How strong is Kia K2700?

The K2700 is nearly 5 meters long, 2 meters wide with ground clearance from 145mm to 200mm. It weighs around 3 tons with a large storage area (2.81m x 1.63m) capable of handling a payload of between 1 and 1,3 tons depending on the model. The Kia K2700 has a braked towing capacity of 1180 – 1400 kg and 700 kg unbraked.

What is the size of a Kia K2700?


K2700 K2700
K2700 Seat capacity 3 K2700 Seat capacity 6
K2700 Overall length 4,825 K2700 Overall length 4,810
K2700 Overall width 1,740 K2700 Overall width 1,740
K2700 Overall height 1,975 K2700 Overall height 1,975

What engine is in a K2700?

Technical Specifications of KIA K2700 The Top variant of K2700, 2.7L Diesel a 2665 cc, 4 cylinder Diesel engine fires 79 hp of power and 165 Nm Torque.

What year model is Kia K2700?

In its current guise, the Kia K2700 has been around since 2011. But it remains one of the most versatile and affordable little trucks around.

What is Kia Bongo?

The Kia Bongo (Hangul: 기아), also known as the Kia Series or the Kia Pista, is a pickup truck and capover that has been produced by the South Korean automaker Kia since 1980. The Bongo was first launched in 1980 under the name Bongo. In 1997, the third generation of Bongo Frontier was launched.

Is the Kia K2700 reliable?

Value for money. Bought my K2700 in 2010, double wheel model, fuel consumption about 10km/pl which is not bad, it’s basic but reliable, had front wheel alignment problems, both the front tyres had to be replaced at 10 000km, did the wheel alignment and the problem is solved.

What is the fuel consumption on the Kia K2700?

touch_app WORKHORSE R 326 995

Active and Passive Safety
Fuel capacity 60 litres
City fuel consumption 11.4 l/Km
Highway fuel consumption 5 l/Km

How much is a brand new Kia truck?

Two midrange trims start at $35,290 and $37,790, while the range-topping SX trim retails for $42,690. Front-wheel drive is standard in every trim, and all-wheel-drive models are about $2,000 more.

What engine is in a Mazda Bongo?

The Bongo Van and Bongo Truck now offer enhanced driving performance due to a new 1.8-liter four-cylinder DOHC gasoline engine that increases power and torque, and improves environmental performance and fuel economy.

Are Kia trucks reliable?

The short answer is yes, Kia reliability is above average. While Kia earned a poor reputation when it first entered the United States market nearly 20 years ago, much has changed since. Today, the brand has an overall RepairPal reliability rating of 4.0 out of 5.0 and ranks third out of 32 car brands surveyed.