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How much should a brick mailbox cost?

How much should a brick mailbox cost?

Custom brick mailboxes cost around $480 to $1,675 with an average price of $925 when professionally built to match the style of your home. A DIY brick mailbox can be built for less than $150 in materials and tools.

Can you replace the mailbox in a brick mailbox?

Usually metal mailboxes are enclosed in brick and set on a layer of mortar that you’d have to chop into. One option is to replace the front door of the mailbox and leave the existing receptacle encased in brick. For a full-scale improvement, you’ll have to get busy with a little demolition.

What kind of mailbox do I need for a brick?

A permanent brick structure demands a better mailbox—one that will last as long as the brick. Brick Doctor standard mailboxes come with a TuffBox®, a heavy-gauge galvanized steel mailbox with a powder-coat finish.

How much does it cost to have a stone mailbox built?

Stone mailbox cost A stone mailbox costs $600 to $1,500 installed, depending on the size, stone type, and whether it’s pre-built or custom. Natural flagstone or fieldstone mailboxes have the highest material costs.

How tall should a brick mailbox be?

The height of the mailbox must be between 36” to 42” from the top of the street to the bottom of the mailbox.

How much does it cost to build a brick letterbox?

A freestanding brick letterbox will cost more than a freestanding concrete letterbox because it has to be custom built. The insert alone can cost up to $200 for a better quality stainless steel brick-in letter box and bricklayers usually charge more for small jobs to compensate for travel and set-up time.

How deep should I bury my mailbox post?

24″ deep
The Federal Highway Administration recommends: A 4″ x 4″ wooden support or a 2″-diameter standard steel or aluminum pipe. Avoid unyielding and potentially dangerous supports, like heavy metal pipes, concrete posts, and farm equipment (e.g., milk cans filled with concrete). Bury your post no more than 24″ deep.