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How much is the tuition fee in Lipa City Colleges?

How much is the tuition fee in Lipa City Colleges?

Tuition Fee: 9,400-15,000 |P 19,000-30,000 per year Last updated: March 2017 1. Based on cash payments (installment rates are higher). 2. Tuition for foreign students is usually higher.

Is Lipa City Colleges private?

Founded in 1947, Lipa City Colleges is a for-profit private higher-education institution located in the suburban setting of the medium city of Lipa City (population range of 250,000-499,999 inhabitants), Calabarzon.

Who is the current President of Lipa City Colleges?

Glecy B. Mojares
Glecy B. Mojares is now taking the challenge as the new president with the able assistance of her daughters Ms. Marjorie M.

What is the first name of Lipa City Colleges?

Lipa Business Institute
Lipa City Colleges located in Lipa City in the province of Batangas of the Philippines. Formerly known as Lipa Business Institute, it is a post-WW2 educational institution established in July 1947 by the late educators Ricardo and Marcela Bonilla.

How much is the tuition fee in Batangas State University?

250.00 per unit

Particulars Amount (Php)
Tuition Fee 250.00 per unit
Registration 260.00
RLEF 622.00

What are the branches of Batangas State University?


  • 3.1 BatStateU Pablo Borbon Main I.
  • 3.2 BatStateU Pablo Borbon Main II.
  • 3.3 BatStateU ARASOF Nasugbu.
  • 3.4 BatStateU Balayan.
  • 3.5 BatStateU-Lemery.
  • 3.6 BatStateU Mabini.
  • 3.7 BatStateU JPLPC Malvar.
  • 3.8 BatStateU Lipa – Don Claro M. Recto Campus.

Is there a dorm in Batangas State University?

Dormitory I and II. Fully air conditioned, can accommodate 21 persons with a refrigerator, a dining table free internet access, coffee or tea, and water set. Coffee Shop and Hostel Bar.

How many branches does Batangas State have?

11 campuses
It has 11 campuses and more than 35,000 students enrolled in over 110 undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

Can I transfer to Batangas State College?

BatStateU does not accept transferees and returnees in all grade levels, Grade 1 to Grade 12 except for Grade 7 applicants with highest honors who passed the BatStateU Junior High School Admission Test (Guidelines for the Testing, Admission and Retention of BatStateU Integrated School, Article V, Section 1.5).

Who is the owner of Batangas State University?

947, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte designated the BatStateU Knowledge, Innovation, and Science Technology or KIST Park as a Special Economic Zone. It is the first KIST Park registered by the Philippine Economic Zone Authority or PEZA….Batangas State University.

Former names List
Mascot Red Spartans

Does BSU have entrance exam?

In response to the current restrictions caused by the COVID-19 health crisis, The Batangas State University waives the College Admission Test for Academic Year 2021-2022! The university offers over 100 academic programs, which you can see here.

Is Batangas State University a public or private school?

Founded in 2001, Batangas State University is a non-profit public higher-education institution located in the urban setting of the small city of Batangas City (population range of 50,000-249,999 inhabitants), Calabarzon.