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How much is the Framingham Worcester line?

How much is the Framingham Worcester line?

FRAMINGHAM/WORCESTER line Train fare MBTA FRAMINGHAM/WORCESTER (#510 | South Station) ride fare is between $2.40 and $12.25. Prices may change based on several factors. For more information about MBTA’s ticket costs, please check the Moovit app or the agency’s official website.

Where does the Boston commuter rail go?

The MBTA Commuter Rail connects communities in eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island to downtown Boston, with 137 stops throughout the region. The service area includes 12 routes that run 7 days a week, plus special service to Gillette Stadium from Boston and Providence for sporting events and concerts.

How far north does MBTA Commuter Rail go?

The system’s routes span about 400 miles (640 km) and cover roughly the eastern third of Massachusetts and the northern half of Rhode Island. They stretch from Newburyport in the north to North Kingstown, Rhode Island, in the south, and reach as far west as Worcester and Fitchburg.

Does the T run from Worcester to Boston?

For the first time ever, the MBTA will offer nonstop service between Worcester and Boston in less than an hour.

Does Charlie Card work on commuter rail?

Commuter Rail Fares. Can I use my CharlieCard to pay for the Commuter Rail? No. CharlieCards can only be used to pay bus and subway fares.

Where does the Worcester train go?

Commuter trains originate in Worcester’s Union Station and end at South Station in Boston, with stops at 15 stations along the way. The trip lasts about an hour and a half and operates from the very early morning until past midnight on weekdays.

Is there a train that runs from Boston to Cape Cod?

Boston to Cape Cod by Train Unfortunately, there is no Amtrak train from Boston to Cape Cod. However, from around Memorial Day through Labor Day, the MBTA (Massachusetts’ public transportation system) offers a train line called the CapeFlyer that provides service to Wareham Village, Buzzard’s Bay and Hyannis.

Is there a Commuter Rail to Cape Cod?

From Memorial Day to Labor Day, you can take the Commuter Rail from South Station to Hyannis on Cape Cod. Beat the traffic and take the CapeFLYER instead. During ski season, you can get to Wachusett Mountain on the Commuter Rail.

What is the busiest MBTA line?

Red Line
Red Line. The T’s workhorse, the Red Line moves more commuters per weekday than any other route.

Does the commuter rail go to Back Bay?

Four MBTA Commuter Rail routes – the Providence/Stoughton Line, Franklin Line, Needham Line, and Framingham/Worcester Line – also stop at Back Bay, as do the Orange Line subway and several local MBTA bus routes.

How much does it cost to take the train from Worcester to Boston?

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Duration 1h 30m
Distance 44.8 miles
Average price $11
Frequency 17/day

How long is the commuter rail from Worcester to Boston?

The steady-speed trains, Murray says, can get commuters in the commonwealth’s two largest cities to their destination in 46 minutes. Currently the Worcester/Framingham Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority lines take an estimated 80 minutes, though travelers often complain of delayed service.

Is Framingham accessible?

See upcoming departures, maps, and other features at this location. Framingham is accessible. Please report issues with cleanliness, signage, and any other concerns you may have.

When does the commuter rail run on weekends?

On Memorial Day (May 30th), July 4th and Labor Day (September 5th), the Commuter Rail will operate on a weekend schedule. On Columbus Day (October 10th) and Juneteenth (observed on June 20th), the Commuter Rail will operate on a regular weekday schedule.

Which commuter rail stations are we planning accessibility upgrades for?

We’re planning accessibility upgrades at 3 Commuter Rail stations in Newton on the Worcester Line that are in disrepair and not accessible to people with disabilities.

What is the commuter rail schedule on Columbus Day and Juneteenth?

On Columbus Day (October 10th) and Juneteenth (observed on June 20th), the Commuter Rail will operate on a regular weekday schedule. Worcester Line Train 518 (1:00 pm from Worcester) has departed from Worcester and is operating 15-25 minutes behind schedule.