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How much is it to go to PLC?

How much is it to go to PLC?

Kindergarten to Year 2 $25,200 Years 3 and 4 $31,440 Years 5 and 6 $32,640 Year 7 $39,840 Years 8 to 10 $42,000 Years 11 and 12 $43,440 Overseas full fee paying students are also required to take out Overseas Student Health Cover prior to a Student Visa being granted.

How much does Sceggs Darlinghurst cost?

Schedule of Fees

Tuition Fee per Billing Tuition Fee per Annum
Kindergarten $6,116 $24,464
Years 1-2 $6,668 $26,672
Years 3-6 $7,851 $31,404
Years 7-8 $9,713 $38,852

How much are fees at Wesley College?

Semester 2, 2022 Tuition Fees – Prep to Year 12

Year level Amount
Year 7 $30,243
Year 8 $31,950
Year 9 $35,004
Years 10 – 12 $35,821

How much does Scotch College Cost?

Fees include normal sport, physical education, laboratory, library and excursions up to Year 12 and compulsory camps up to and including Year 9….International Students*

Junior School
Years 1–5 Annual Tuition Fee $35,800
Years 7–12 Annual Tuition Fee $41,280
Boarding (Years 7–12)
Boarding Annual Boarding Fee $26,000

How much does it cost to go to Knox Grammar?

The fees outlined below have been sourced from Knox Grammar School for 2022. Some schools may include additional costs beyond tuition fees….Primary school fees at Knox Grammar School.

Grade/Year Fee
Kinder $20,910
Prep $20,910
Grade 1 $24,090
Grade 2 $24,090

How much is shore a year?


Religion Anglican
Years Year 1 – Year 12
Enrolment 1670 students (including 90 elc and 200 boarders).
Fees 12k – 16k tuition $14,880 to $22,980 per annumboarding approximately $21,000 per annum.

What is the richest school in Australia?

Here, let’s take a look at the 6 richest schools in Australia.

  • Melbourne Grammar School. Melbourne Grammar School is one of the wealthiest and most prestigious schools in Victoria and one of the richest schools in Australia.
  • Wesley College.
  • Caulfield Grammar School.

How much does Waverley College cost?

2022 School Fee Due Dates and Payment Options

Year Payment 1 Annual Fees
Year 5 $ 4,500.00 $ 13,500.00
Year 9 $ 5,400.00 $ 16,200.00
Year 10 $ 5,500.00 $ 16,500.00
Year 11 $ 5,800.00 $ 17,400.00

How much does Geelong Grammar cost?

Annual tuition fees at Geelong Grammar are $43,600, while the Victorian average for non-government school is $14,140. The King’s School charges $43,297, while the average for NSW non-government schools is $12,950.

How much is Blackrock College a year?

The country’s largest private school is the all-male Blackrock College in Dublin, where annual day fees last year were €7,100, with 1,023 students enrolled in 2020/21, just ahead of Belvedere College in Dublin’s north inner city which had 1,000 pupils.

How much does Immanuel College Cost?

Private Schools Adelaide High school Fees Year 8-12

Immanuel College NOVAR GARDENS $19,640
Loreto College MARRYATVILLE $18,630
Eynesbury College ADELAIDE $17,760
St John’s Grammar School BELAIR $17,543

What religion is Knox Grammar School?

Knox Grammar School seeks to be an exemplary School, developing, within a caring Christian environment, students of Faith, Wisdom, Integrity, Compassion and Courage, with a sure knowledge of who they are and how they should live.

How do I pay my MLC tuition fees?

The School’s preferred payment option is BPay. All current families will find more details on tuition fee payments via the My MLC School Portal. Prospective families are encouraged to contact our Registrar with any queries about fees. The 2022 schedule of tuition fees for Australian and overseas students can be downloaded below.

What payment options are available for MLC swimming?

Other payment options remain in place, including BPay and direct deposit. (no-MLC students who are enrolled in MLC Gymnastics and MLC Swimming). 1. We are aware of intermittent technical issues.

Why MLC?

Why MLC? Methodist Ladies’ College is one of Australia’s leading independent day and boarding schools, internationally recognised for our extensive curriculum choice, cutting-edge approach to education, authentic learning experiences and outstanding academic results.

Can I add MLC Insurance and investment protection?

You have the option to also add MLC Insurance and MLC MasterKey Investment Protection, depending on your needs. To find out more, contact your MLC Representative or call us on 133 652.