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How much is an International Harvester worth?

How much is an International Harvester worth?

The average price of a International Harvester is $29,053.

How many International Travelall were made?

Coinciding with declining demand for the Travelall, the Wagonmaster was discontinued after 1974 production; it is unknown how many were produced (ranging from 500 to under 2000).

What year did International stop making pickups?

End of production Pickup (and Travelall) production ended on 05 May 1975, with only about 6,000 made. The last one built was an all-wheel drive IH 200HD cab and chassis, built in IHC’s Springfield factory.

What years did International make pick up trucks?

The company built pickups from 1907 to 1975. They designated the first trucks to roll off the line as the Model A Wagon but nicknamed them the auto buggy. Packing a potent 15 hp engine with high ground clearance the truck garnered favorable reviews.

What is the rarest International Scout?

Rare International Scout Comanche Is 1 Of 1,500, And It’s For Sale.

What is the most desirable international scout?

It came in several configurations of wagon and truck, but the most sought after is the Scout 80. IH began building trucks and pickups in 1907, but did not reach mainstream popularity until after the war.

What’s a Travelall?

Image: Concept Carz. As a predecessor to the Sport Utility Vehicle, the International Harvester Travelall was an innovative factory panel truck with windows built atop a truck chassis.

What is a Travelall?

Originally a three-door, full-size SUV, the Travelall was designed around the same idea as the Chevy Suburban: to provide seating for the entire family while also having room for luggage and gear.

Are old International Trucks good?

They were known as a good, reliable truck for a reasonable price. However, International lost more and more popularity over the years to the point that they would offer huge fleet sale deals to the big trucking companies such as J.B. Hunt and Schneider National.

What engines did international trucks use?

International tended to use proprietary diesel engines. In the 1970s, IHC built the DVT 573 V-8 diesel of 240 and 260 hp (179 and 194 kW) but these were not highly regarded and relatively few were sold. Their DT 466 engine started in 1974 and was very successful.

What is the oldest International truck?

Auto Wagon
The Auto Wagon, a variant of the Auto Buggy of 1907, was the first truck built by International Harvester.

What is a scout worth?

While a 1st generation Bronco will likely cost about $40,000, lists the average value for the early Scout 80 at $24,439, with the Scout 800s of the later ’60s slightly more valuable at $28,193.