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How much is an Angus bull calf worth?

How much is an Angus bull calf worth?

The average value of a 550 lb bull calf from 2010 to 2017 in Kentucky auction markets was $853 (550 lb @ $155 per cwt). A price slide of $15 per cwt, would mean that for each 100 lb increase in the bull’s weight, his price decreases by $15 per cwt.

How much does a bull cost in Texas?

In May 2019, live cattle sold at the local auction for around $1.51 per pound. Now, they’re selling for around $1.30 per pound, which nets him about $105 less per head. O’Brien, like many ranchers, faces a tough decision between holding calves in hopes of better prices or selling them now and taking the hit.

How much does a Black Angus bull cost?

To put the record price in some perspective, good quality bulls on the open market typically sell for between $5,000 and $8,000. The bidding for Cowboy Up started at $25,000 and quickly spiked above the $100,000 mark.

How much do Black Angus calves sell for?

An open Angus heifer calf, for example, can cost anywhere from $1,400 to as much as $1,800, while a full grown Hereford bull can cost upwards of $3,400.

Are steers or bulls worth more?

Note that over the 8-year period depicted in figure 1, steers outsold bulls by a little over $11 per cwt. It may also be worth noting that the 550# steer price exceeded the 550# bull price in each of the 96 months analyzed.

How much does a Texas Longhorn calf cost?

These are registered longhorns, which means their bloodlines have carefully curated and logged. Today, the average lot sells for just under $4,500, with the top cattle bringing in over $10,000 apiece.

How much is a 500 pound calf worth?

The long-term average is roughly 55 cents per pound of gain. For example, if the price of a 500-pound calf is $1.40 per pound and the price of a 600-pound calf is $1.26, the value of those 100 pounds of gain is $56 or 56 cents per pound.

How much is a full grown Black Angus cow worth?

Full-grown cows can cost as much as $4,000 to $5,000 per cow. A full-grown cow can weigh as much as 2,200 pounds and go for as much as $1.85 cwt. What’s The Best Beef Cow To Raise? The most popular beef cow in the United States is Black Angus.

What is the best cattle to raise in Texas?

Some breeds, like Beefmaster and Santa Gertrudis, are original to Texas. Many breeds of cattle thrive in the Lone Star State. In addition to the list here, some notable breeds include Charolais, Red Angus, Red Brangus, Shorthorn, Jersey Senepol, Simbrah, Brown Swiss, Salers and Limousin.

How many years should you keep a bull?

Bulls can remain in service until they are 10 or 12 years of age. However, this is not the norm and usually remain in the herd for 4 to 5 years. Many do not last nearly that long due to hoof problems, structural problems, fertility issues, or injuries.