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How much is a Xbox 360 250GB hard drive?

How much is a Xbox 360 250GB hard drive?

Xbox 360 250gb Hard Drive Prices

Title Console New Price
250GB Hard Drive Xbox 360 $59.00
250GB Hard Drive Slim Model Xbox 360 $44.98

How much is the Xbox in Egypt?

EGP 4020 including 21 EGP shipping.

What is the cheapest Xbox in Egypt?

Cheapest price for Microsoft Xbox Series X Console in Egypt is EGP 16649 sold at gamerzlounge.

How many GB is Xbox 360?

Comparison of features

Model Storage
Xbox 360 Arcade 256 MB memory unit
Xbox 360 S 320 GB HDD
250 GB HDD
4 GB onboard

Can you put a 250GB hard drive in a 4GB Xbox 360?

Yes, you can. I have done the same to my Xbox 360 S 4GB. I added a Microsoft 360 250GB HDD. Just make sure you get the “right” hard drive (has to be compatible for Xbox 360 SLIM), as stores might sell hard drives for the older versions of the Xbox 360.

How much is ps5 Egypt?

Price comparison & Seller Stores:

Store Stock Price
Game valley In Stock 21,900 EGP
Raya Shop In Stock 18,499 EGP
Lulu Hypermarket In Stock 18,999 EGP

Is Xbox game pass available in Egypt?

Replies (1)  Unfortunately the service is not available in all regions.

How much is PS5 Egypt?

Is Xbox series s better than PS5?

PS5 vs Xbox Series S verdict Xbox Series S wins on price and form factor, while it’s also more readily available than either the PS5 or its flagship big brother Xbox Series X. However, you’ll want to subscribe to Xbox Game Pass to get the most out of it, while regularly managing your storage capacity.