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How much is a Talbot-Lago worth?

How much is a Talbot-Lago worth?

The average price of a Talbot-Lago is $1,429,957.

How many Talbot-Lago were made?

In 1950 433 cars were produced. That fell to 80 in 1951, 34 in 1952 and 17 in 1953. Of the 17 Talbots produced in 1953, 13 were T26s and four were examples of its four-cylinder sibling (launched in 1951 with a revival for the pre-war “Talbot Baby” name).

Where was Talbot-Lago made?

Automobiles Talbot S.A. was a French automobile manufacturer based in Suresnes, Hauts de Seine, outside Paris.

Who made the Talbot-Lago?

Famed Parisian coachbuilders Joseph Figoni and Ovidio Falaschi patented the car’s distinctive aerodynamic shape. Figoni & Falaschi built twelve “New York-style” Talbot-Lago coupes between 1937 and 1939, so-called because the first was introduced at the 1937 New York Auto Show at the Grand Central Palace.

What happened Talbot car?

Talbot or Clément-Talbot Limited was an English-French automobile manufacturer founded in 1903….Talbot.

Type Private
Founded Historic: 1903–1958 Peugeot Group 1 August 1979–1994
Defunct 1994
Fate Brand retired
Successor Peugeot

Who owns the Talbot car brand?


Type Private
Key people Charles Chetwynd-Talbot Adolphe Clément Alexandre Darracq Antonio Lago
Products Automobile
Parent PSA Peugeot Citroën

Where does the name Talbot come from?

The Talbot name is derived from the Germanic personal name Talabert, meaning bright valley.

Where was the Talbot Sunbeam made?

Chrysler Sunbeam
Also called Talbot Sunbeam (1979–1981) Talbot-Simca Sunbeam Talbot Sunbeam Lotus
Production 1977–1981
Assembly Linwood, United Kingdom
Body and chassis

What does Talbot mean in Irish?

The ancient origin of the name Talbot was found in the archives. Talbot is a baptismal name meaning ‘messenger of destruction’. Variants of the name include Talbott, Talbut and Taulbut.

What does Talbot stand for?

Definition of Talbot : a large heavy mostly white hound with pendulous ears and drooping flews held to be ancestral to the bloodhound.

When was the last Talbot Sunbeam made?

After the takeover of Chrysler’s European operations by PSA, the model was renamed Talbot Sunbeam and continued in production until 1981.

What is a Talbot-Lago t150-c?

Its Talbot-Lago T150-C SS chassis was topped with a body of shimmering ivory and red fenders, and the car easily caught the notice of every concours attendee. Chassis 90111 was first registered in 1938 by Michael Dassonville, of Lille, a young wool merchant with a successful family business and enough resources to become a serious car collector.

Is the Talbot-Lago teardrop cabriolet a rare car?

Any Talbot-Lago is a rare and delightful thing today, but the startling beauty and underlying engineering excellence of the Teardrop Cabriolet makes it the crowning achievement of the company. Offered here is the original prototype, with its original coachwork, engine, and chassis.

How many Talbot-Lago teardrop cabriolets did Joseph Figoni build?

These three automobiles were the only Talbot-Lago Teardrop Cabriolets ever created by Joseph Figoni. The first of the three cabriolets was this car, chassis 90111 and Figoni factory order number 661; it was a prototype built for display at a Parisian concours, with the intent being to create interest in Figoni’s groundbreaking styling.

What kind of car is the Talbot-Lago?

Rare Factory sunroof. Sophisticated race-bred, short-wheelbase T150-C SS Talbot-Lago chassis.