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How much is a Seadoo spark worth?

How much is a Seadoo spark worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $5,399 $5,750
Options (Add)
Total Price $5,399 $5,750

Is a Sea Doo spark worth buying?

Are Sea-Doo Sparks good? Many buyers are wondering if Sea-Doo Sparks are good or not, and are they worth the money. The good news is yes, Sea-Doo Sparks are really good; that’s why Sparks are among the best-selling PWC models year after year!

How much does a Sea Doo spark jet ski cost?

MSRP on entry package, transportation and preparation fees may vary based on selection. Commodity surcharge starting at $465 will apply….SPARK 2 up.

Engine 60 90
Engine fuel type 87 octane
Engine throttle system iTC™ (Intelligent Throttle Control) System
Engine exhaust system D-Sea-BeI™ System

How long do Sea Doo Sparks last?

Sea-Doo watercraft can run longer with less maintenance than ever before, so you can spend less time in the garage and more time on the water. Ride for up to 100 hours or one year before your first oil change (100 hours for the Sea-Doo SPARK and 50 hours for all other models).

Will a Sea-Doo spark pull a skier?

The new Sea-Doo Spark 3UP is very capable of pulling a wakeboard, wakeskater, or tube. The Sea-Doo Spark makes the watersports dream more accessible.

How stable is a Sea-Doo spark?

Again, they are incredibly stable and responsive on the water and most of all, the Sea-Doo Spark is a PWC that you feel really in control of. Regardless of experience the optional iBR electronic braking and reverse system is one of Sea-Doo’s most valuable features.

Are Seadoo Sparks slow?

The Sea-Doo Spark is Slow Yep, they’re slow. Not super slow but you can expect a Sea-Doo Park to reach a maximum of 42 MPH or 67km. You’ll be even slower with a passenger and a full tank of fuel, especially if it’s choppy out there.

Are Seadoo Sparks reliable?

Yes, the Sea-Doo Spark is a reliable personal watercraft (PWC) at a competitive price. Their engines are lightweight and fuel-efficient, and their cooling system is very low-maintenance. They can rival any other brand for reliability.

Can a Sea-Doo spark pull a tube?

How many hours is a lot on a SeaDoo spark?

In general, every 4-stroke jet ski over 300 hours is considered a lot of usage, while in the case of 2-stroke jet skis, this number is around 200. But proper maintenance is always more important than engine hours!

How many hours is too many SeaDoo spark?

As a general rule, anything over 500 hours is too many hours for a 4-stroke jet ski. If it’s a 2-stroke jet ski anything over 300 hours is too many.

Can Sea-Doo spark pull a tube?