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How much is a fuel pump for a Onan generator?

How much is a fuel pump for a Onan generator?

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This item Electric Fuel Pump for Onan 4000 4Kw Gas RV for Cummins Generator Microlite MicroQuiet Replaces for Airtex E11007 A029F889 149-2311 149-2311-02 149-2311-01 149231101
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Does a Onan 5500 generator have a fuel filter?

The 5500 has two fuel filters, one just before the fuel pump under the generater and the one just below the Carb. Onan is evidently aware of this problem because they now have a different filter for this model and recommends that you put the new filter before the fuel pump and do away with the filter under the Carb.

Why does my Onan generator keep shutting off?

Check the Oil Level If the fuel supply is sufficient but your generator still starts and stops, check the generator’s oil level. Onan RV generators have a “low oil” shutoff that could cause a shutdown. As oil warms it thins out and this may cause it to fall below the proper level.

How do I prime my Onan generator?

On my Onan 5500 gas I just hold the the toggle on/off-prime switch to “off-prime” until the red light comes on. Takes maybe 3 seconds. Then push the on side until it starts, never more than 5 seconds. If not, repeat x1.

Does Onan propane generator have a fuel filter?

Well-known member. You will be happy with the gen, other then the propane as it burns cleaner and you never have to worry about bad fuel or with running your generator once a month like you should with a gas one. Also no fuel filter.

How much fuel does a Onan 5500 generator use?

How Much Propane Does A 5500 Onan Generator Use? Onan’s 5500 generator model uses 0.8 gallons of propane an hour under a moderate load (or ‘half-load’). However, placing the generator under a full load will burn up 1.1 gallons of propane an hour instead.

Why does my generator shut off after 30 minutes?

For the successful startup of your generator, the choke needs to be in full choke position. After a few minutes, it must be moved to half choke and then into run position. Not making these changes will result in an imbalance between air and fuel, causing the generator to shut down.

Why does my generator start then stop?

The fuel valve regulates the flow of fuel into proper channels. If it’s closed, your generator will not start at all. But if your generator stops running after a while, it might be due to a clogged fuel valve that might be preventing enough fuel from getting into the engine.

How long do you prime an Onan generator?

Onan recommends to prime for 30 seconds if you ran out of fuel. You usually don’t have to prime before starting as there is fuel in the bowl, but it doesn’t hurt to prime for 15 seconds or if you can hear the fuel pump run when priming, stop when the pump stops.