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How much is a 1 day metro pass in Paris?

How much is a 1 day metro pass in Paris?


Type Price for Zone 1-3 Adult / Child* Price for Zone 1-5 Adult / Child*
1 day €13.20 / €6.60 €27.80 / €13.90
2 days €21.50 / €10.80 €42.20 / €21.10
3 days €29.40 / €14.70 €59.20 / €29.60
5 days €42.20 / €21.10 €72.40 / €36.20

Is there a travel card for Paris?

The Paris Visite travel card allows unlimited use of the transport system in Paris: Metro, Bus, RER, Tramway, Orlyval, Montmartrobus, Noctilien and Montmartre funicular. The Paris Visite pass includes certain discounts for some of Paris’ attractions, including the Ópera, a sightseeing cruise on the Seine or a bus tour.

What is the price for a Paris Visite card for Zones 1 3 for 3 days?

Paris Visite Prices Price of Paris Visite ranges from 12€ to 65.80€ depending on zones covered (1-3 or 1-5) and duration (1 to 5 days). Coverage of Central Paris (not including airports) for 5 days would be 38.35€ adults, 19.15€ for children 9 and under. (Prices current as of Aug 1, 2019.)

Can I use my bank card on the Paris Metro?

Métro and RER ticket machines accept nearly all credit and debit cards, including American Visa and MasterCards that lack PINs.

Is Paris metro easy to use?

The Metro has 380 stations, 16 lines, and over 130 miles of track, so it’s safe to say that the city revolves around the Metro. This is why you’ll want to learn how to use it during your visit to Paris. Luckily, the Metro is fairly straightforward and it’s easy to navigate once you’ve used it a few times.

Is public transport free in Paris?

Fast, easy, and free! With the Paris City Pass, you can use the public transportation system (metro, RER, bus, Montmartre tram) within the inner city district of Paris Zone 1 – 3 for free! The public transportation ticket is valid according to the purchased Paris City Pass (2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 days).

Is the Eiffel Tower included in Paris pass?

Paris Attractions Pass If you are looking for a pass that does include the Eiffel Tower, the Paris Explorer Pass does this. The most popular two of the eight is a 1 day pass for the Big Bus Hop On, Hop Off Sightseeing Bus and the Bateaux Parisiens 1 hour river cruise.

How much is a Navigo Pass?

US$ 5.40
You’ll need a passport photo to obtain the pass. The Passe Navigo costs € 5 ( US$ 5.40) and is non-refundable.

Is Eiffel Tower included in Paris pass?

What zone is Eiffel Tower in?

fare zone 1
The Eiffel Tower is located within the boarders of Paris, it is therefore is fare zone 1.