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How much does Matt Drudge make a year?

How much does Matt Drudge make a year?

Subtracting his relatively minor server costs, the magazine estimated that the Drudge Report website netted $800,000 a year.

Does Matt Drudge still own the Drudge Report?

In 2019, Rasmussen Reports reported that Matt Drudge had sold the site and was no longer involved in its operations, which would also explain the change in editorial direction; however, that reporting was not confirmed.

Why does Drudge Report refresh so often?

After being loaded in a web browser, Drudge’s site automatically reloads itself after two minutes. The manager said the frequent refresh rate for Drudge Report raised concerns about the number of ads being loaded that were actually able to be viewed by users.

How much is an ad on Drudge?

The Facebook Ads Cost Of Interest “Drudge Report” The average CPC for interest “Drudge Report” in 2020 is $0.58, and the average CPM is $11.14.

How do I stop Drudge Report from refreshing?

You can use a bookmarklet to disable the reload on or possibly convert the script to an extension like Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey. javascript:clearInterval(timer);void(autoRefresh=null);

Why does my Web page keep reloading?

By default, if it’s using a lot of memory, Chrome purges the contents of some background tabs from RAM to conserve system resources. When you click back onto those tabs, the browser has to reload them because they have been erased from memory.

Why is my browser refreshing automatically?

Why Chrome Auto-Reload? By default, Chrome is programmed to automatically erase the data of any open, loaded tabs in case the browser is using a lot of memory. This is an automated process, which is initiated to conserve system resources and reduce the pressure off your browser.

How to build a website Like Drudge Report?

Still in the Widgets section,look for the WP-Drudge Static Links widget

  • Like with the Posted Link Widget,click and select the Left Column section or drag and drop it there
  • Leave the “Title” field blank and click the “Show Title” checkbox to deselect it
  • Why is the Drudge Report so popular?

    In a breaking news situation, individual news Web sites often lag several hours behind actual events, so the Drudge Report has become known for its ability to gather all the available reports together with wire updates, and provide a running narrative of what is known at the moment.

    How do you made the Drudge Report your home page?

    Monica Lewinsky scandal. The Drudge Report originally attained prominence when it was the first to report what came to be known as the Lewinsky scandal.

  • Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.
  • Obama photo.
  • Prince Harry in Afghanistan.
  • U.S.
  • Does the Drudge Report make money?

    Whenever a visitor sees an ad on the website, the Drudge Report makes money or if the visitors buy a product through the ads shown, the Drudge Report makes money. So, there isn’t much of a difference between any other website you surf on the internet and Drudge Report as far as how the website earns money.