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How much does it cost to race in 24 Hours of Lemons?

How much does it cost to race in 24 Hours of Lemons?

Entry: On-time entry is $1550 per team (includes one car and up to four drivers; additional drivers $225 each, additional crew $75 each), effective 1/1/2022. Entry fee covers registration, track time, paddock pass, track insurance, on-site ambulance crew, commemorative crap, and anything else we come up with by then.

How much does it cost to race in Lemons?

Lemons has race entry fees for your team to divide up. $600 for a car, $195 for each driver, and an additional $60 for a Lemons license—good for one year.

Where does 24 Hour of Lemons take place?

Le Mans, France
The 24 Hours of Le Mans (French: 24 Heures du Mans) is an endurance-focused sports car race held annually near the town of Le Mans, France.

How does 24 Hours of Lemons work?

The I.O.E. (Index of Effluency) is the grand prize awarded at each 24 Hours of Lemons race. Using a proprietary calculation of how bad a Lemons entry is versus how high it finished, race organizers bestow the award on only the most worthy teams. Winners of the I.O.E.

How do you get into the Lemons race?


  1. Create (or log into) an Online Lemons Account.
  2. Pick a race.
  3. Invite folks to join your team in that race.
  4. Pay the fees online (together or separately; it’s all good).
  5. Six weeks before race: confirm all fees paid.

How do you not fail Lemons?

Stretched, crimped, or pinched tubes will get you an instant fail. Backstays keep the main hoop from folding over or flattening down from the top. They need to be straight with no bends, securely attached top and bottom, and right around 45 degrees off horizontal.

How do you get into the lemons race?

How long is the 24 Hours of Lemons?

Most events are 14.5 hours long, with sessions on Saturday and Sunday running from six to ten hours long. There is usually one full 24-hour endurance race each year.

Do drivers sleep during Le Mans?

During the race, sleep is a luxury. Everyone is different when it comes to fatigue and recovery times can differ greatly. “In theory, you can get five hours sleep over the course of the race,” says Paul-Loup Chatin. “Last year, I managed pretty well.

How much do Le Mans drivers make?

24 Hours of Le Mans Race 2021 Prize Money, Payout And Purse Every classified driver is awarded 7,000 eurors for marking their presence in the race whilst finishing first in every category sees the winning side get 10,000 euros.

How many drivers are in a Lemons team?

Teams of at least four drivers compete for up to 24 hours in race-prepared cars with a price limit of no more than US$500 (not including safety equipment) for cars.

How much does endurance racing cost?

The typical race is 12-16 hours and costs about $1000-$1200 per team. In addition to entry fees, there can be fees at the gate, for camping, for transponder rental, and annual dues. Each organization has its own pricing structure, but they all end up at about the same cost.