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How much does Brazilian walnut flooring cost?

How much does Brazilian walnut flooring cost?

$6.29 – $6.69 sq. ft.

Is Brazilian hardwood flooring good?

When it comes to hardwoods, Brazilian cherry is one of the hardest. The Janka hardness test gives it a rating of 3500, which makes it incredibly durable and resistant to scratches, dents, and imperfections. This hardness makes it strong enough to hold up to use in even the most high-traffic areas of the home.

Is walnut a good hardwood floor?

Walnut Hardwood Flooring Details This is one of the most prized of North American hardwoods. Although American black walnut is somewhat softer than northern red oak, the wood is heavy, hard, and stiff and has excellent dimensional stability. It is moderately dense, but very strong, with good shock resistance.

Is Brazilian walnut water resistant?

Due to the denseness of the wood fibers, Brazilian walnut is especially resistant to fire damage. The National Fire Protection Association gives it a Class A rating, meaning it can resist fire as well as steel and concrete. The surface of the wood won’t absorb water, which makes it the only wood that’s unable to float.

What does Brazilian Walnut look like?

The heartwood of Brazilian Walnut tends to vary in color from reddish brown to a sort of yellowish olive or even darker blackish brown. You may see bundles of boards of various shades sold by hardwood retailers.

Is IPE the same as Brazilian Walnut?

Ipe, also called Brazilian Walnut or Lapacho, is a dense and resilient wood that comes from the forests of Central and South America. Like other tropical woods, Ipe bears some unique characteristics. It’s a particularly durable wood that weathers fantastically and looks beautiful.

Can Brazilian hardwood floors be refinished?

Refinishing Brazilian cherry floors involves the same process as refinishing any other hardwood floor. We sand down the wood several times, leaving us with perfectly smooth raw wood.

What does Brazilian hardwood look like?

What Does Brazilian Cherry Look Like? Perhaps the biggest draw of this wood is its appearance. It really is one of the most beautiful hardwoods you can purchase. Its color ranges from rich orange to a deep, reddish brown, contrasted by intricate dark grains that cross the wood in straight runs and flowering patterns.

What are the disadvantages of walnut wood?

Pros: Walnut is a very strong and stable wood that can take intricate carving. The color can be beautiful. Cons: Some may not like the variation from dark to light that’s sometimes found on a single wide board. Walnut is also one of the more costly woods.

What does Brazilian walnut look like?

Does Brazilian Walnut darken over time?

Wood such as Brazilian walnut has a large range of color when freshly cut, but over time it will turn medium to dark brown.

How much does Brazilian hardwood cost?

While domestic hardwood flooring typically costs $5 to $10 per square foot, Brazilian hardwood flooring ranges from $8 to $14 per square foot, not including installation.