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How much does a T-6A cost?

How much does a T-6A cost?

Length overall 33 ft 4 in / 10.16 m
Design maximum take-off 6300 lb / 2857 kg
POWERPLANT Pratt & Whitney PT6A-68 turboprop Hartzell four blade propeller Engine rating 1100 SHP (continuous)
Average unit cost (TY$) $5M

How much does a T 6B cost?

approximately $5.5 million
Each T-6B costs approximately $5.5 million, meaning that Whiting Field has almost a billion dollars of the aircraft on its flight line, Navy Officials said. Whiting Field trains around 750 student Naval aviators in the T-6B each year.

How fast is the AT-6 Wolverine?

Mach 0.67
The power-plant enables the aircraft to attain a maximum speed of Mach 0.67 when loaded with weapons. AT-6 Wolverine can travel up to a maximum range of 3,195km without any mid-air supplies. The aircraft’s maximum payload carrying capacity is 1,864kg.

Does the T-6 have an ejection seat?

US16LA Ejection Seat for T-6 Texan II Designated the US16LA, this lightweight ejection seat is designed for training aircraft, such as the T-6 Texan II. It optimises the pilot field of view, improves comfort and pilot efficiency, and provides increased reliability and maintainability.

How many Gs can AT-6 pull?

4 g’s is about max for a loop in the T6 and a 4g loop is optimized at about 190 mph so that’s a good combination to shoot for.

How many T-6 Texans are still flying?

According to the North American Trainer Association, an advocacy group for enthusiasts of the T-6, T-28, and other trainers, at least 500 T-6s (and variants, SNJs and Harvards) are flying today in the United States alone. And anyone who attends airshows can tell you that the T-6 Texan is ubiquitous.

Where is the AT 6 built?

Those who mastered the AT-6 would then go on to specialized training in fighters, bombers, transports, etc. The first 517 of the new AT-6A aircraft were manufactured at North American’s Inglewood, CA factory….The Legendary AT-6 “Texan”

Model Number Built Notes
BC-1 (NA-36) 41 Ordered by the U.S. Army Air Corps
BC-2 139 Instrument trainer variant

How much does a Super Tucano cost?

The US Ambassador to Nigeria, Mary Leonard, has said the six A-29 Super Tucano jets which recently arrived in Nigeria cost almost $500m.

How many Gs can a T6 pull?

How many G’s can a T6 pull?

Gross Weight; 5300 pounds. Fuel Capacity: 140. +5.67 g -2.33 g. Service ceiling: 21,500.

How many Gs is lethal?

Changes in speed are expressed in multiples of gravitational acceleration, or ‘G’. Most of us can withstand up to 4-6G. Fighter pilots can manage up to about 9G for a second or two. But sustained G-forces of even 6G would be fatal.

What is a Beechcraft T-6C?

The Beechcraft® T-6C Texan II military training aircraft is a next generation military trainer designed for all instruction levels. Purpose-built for a wide range of capabilities, the model T-6C prepares pilots for real world missions.

What company makes the Beechcraft AT-6?

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What is the T-6C flight deck?

The T-6C flight deck features the technology needed to keep pilots safe and enhance their ability to train. Staying comfortable is vital to flight training. As we strive to address the needs of our customers, Textron Aviation Defense (TA Defense) has prepared this catalog offering aircraft modification kits for customization and/or improvements.

Where can I find media related to Beechcraft T-6 Texan II?

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Beechcraft T-6 Texan II. Not to be confused with the Aerial target or Amphibious aircraft sequences.