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How much does a saxophone player charge?

How much does a saxophone player charge?

On average, professional saxophone players cost $200-$300. This price will vary depending on various things such as your location, the length of the event, and the saxophonist’s experience. Highly-skilled sax players with a large repertoire of songs covering a variety of genres may run a bit higher than average.

Who is the most famous person to play the saxophone?

Here are just eight of the most famous saxophonists of all time, in no particular order.

  • Sidney Bechet. Sidney Bechet wasn’t just a saxophonist–he played the clarinet and was a respected composer, too.
  • Ben Webster.
  • Charlie Parker.
  • Stan Getz.
  • Michael Brecker.
  • Ornette Coleman.

Who is the best saxophone player right now?

10 Great Modern Jazz Saxophone Players

  • Kenny Garrett.
  • Mark Turner.
  • Chris Potter.
  • Melissa Aldana.
  • Joshua Redman.
  • Donny McCaslin.
  • Miguel Zenón.
  • Greg Osby.

Who is the most famous tenor saxophone player?

John Coltrane is not only perhaps the most influential tenor saxophonist of all time, he is also one of the most influential musicians of all time. Here he is playing live with Miles Davis on the tune So What from Kind of Blue which is perhaps the most important jazz recording ever.

How much do saxophone musicians make?

The salaries of Saxophone Players in the US range from $18,720 to $187,200 , with a median salary of $49,920 . The middle 60% of Saxophone Players makes between $49,920 and $91,520, with the top 80% making $187,200.

Is a saxophone a woodwind?

Though the saxophone is made of metal, it generates sound with a single reed, and so it is classified as a woodwind rather than as a brass instrument.

What do you call a sax player?

Meaning of saxophonist in English. saxophonist.

Who is the best female saxophone player?

Famous Female Saxophone Players in Jazz | 10 of The Best

  • Vi Redd.
  • Melissa Aldana.
  • Tineke Postma.
  • Candy Dulfer.
  • Rosa King.
  • Tia Fuller.
  • Lakecia Benjamin.
  • Camille Thurman.

Who invented the saxophone?

Adolphe SaxSaxophone / Inventor

What do you call someone who plays the saxophone?

Why is the saxophone called the devil’s horn?

How incredible that a musical instrument could engender so much opposition, from a list including Napoleans’ successors, American movie censors, Czarist and Soviet regimes, the Vatican, imperial Japan and the Nazis (thus the title “The Devil’s Horn.”

How do I hire a saxophonist?

Hiring a saxophonist is a snap when you use The Bash. Search our extensive database of professional entertainers to find a saxophone player with the style you prefer. Then listen to audio samples, view pictures, negotiate your price, and book right from the The Bash site.

What is Profesional saxophonist?

profesional saxophonist Specialized in recording melodies,licks and improvise solos for your projects in many styles from jazz to pop, from classical to funk, and also ”arabic” and ”turkish” music. I have a great amount of experience recording and would love to be a part of your project.

Who has played saxophone with John Helliwell?

Performed & recorded as Soloist, with Apollo Saxophone Quartet, Michael Nyman Band, Gwilym Simcock, Michael Buble, Elvis Costello, BBC Philharmonic, Halle, RLPO, CBSO, BBC Big Band, MD for John Helliwell’s Super Big Tramp Band Professional saxophonist available for studio recordings to bring the magic of saxophone to your tracks.

Why is the saxophone so important in jazz?

Popularised by musicians such as Sidney Bechet, Sonny Rollins and John Coltrane, the saxophone was used to propel jazz to new highs during the 20th century, particularly through improvisation. Today the saxophone is commonly used in orchestras, military bands and continues to be a key component of jazz and popular music.