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How much does a JDAM cost?

How much does a JDAM cost?

About US$25,000
Joint Direct Attack Munition

Joint Direct Attack Munitions (JDAM)
Unit cost About US$25,000 (Depends on acquisition lot. Foreign sales have considerably higher prices.)
Variants See variants
Length 9.9–12.75 feet (3.02–3.89 m)

What is JDAM in military?

The Joint Direct Attack Munition is a guidance tail kit that converts existing unguided free-fall bombs into accurate, adverse weather “smart” munitions.

What does JDAM stand for?

The Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) is a guidance kit that converts existing unguided bombs into precision-guided “smart” munitions.

How accurate are GPS guided bombs?

PGMs typically use the global positioning system (GPS), laser guidance, or inertial navigation systems to improve a weapon’s accuracy to reportedly less than 3 meters (approximately 10 feet). Recent operations have heavily relied on PGMs for counter- insurgency operations.

How fast does a JDAM fall?

Lightning Bolts strike over Yugoslav skies 19 May 1999 Air Force Print News — A JDAM is actually a guidance kit that converts existing unguided free-fall bombs into precision-guided “smart” munitions. It takes 30 minutes to convert each “dumb” bomb into a smart bomb.

How heavy is a JDAM?

JDAM is a joint U.S. Air Force and Department of Navy program. JDAM is a guided air-to-surface weapon that uses either the 2,000-pound BLU-109/MK 84, the 1,000-pound BLU-110/MK 83 or the 500-pound BLU-111/MK 82 warhead as the payload.

How do JDAM work?

In the air, the JDAM’s GPS receiver processes signals from GPS satellites to keep track of its own position. As with other smart bombs, the control system adjusts the flight fins to “steer” the bomb in the right direction. According to the U.S. Air Force, the system is accurate to within 40 feet (13 meters).

How much does a 500 lb bomb cost?

Mark 82 bomb

Mark 82 General Purpose (GP) Bomb
Unit cost $2,082.50 (in 2001)
Variants GBU-12 Paveway II GBU-38 JDAM
Mass 500 pounds (227 kg)

Does Russia have precision-guided artillery?

The lack of precision of Russian artillery systems is offset by the huge numbers that it can deploy in the field.

How fast does a JDAM travel?

If GPS data is denied, the JDAM will achieve a 30-meter CEP or less for free flight times up to 100 seconds with a GPS quality handoff from the aircraft. JDAM can be launched from very low to very high altitudes in a dive, toss or loft and in straight and level flight with an on-axis or off-axis delivery.

How much does a Hellfire cost?

AGM-114 Hellfire
Unit cost US$150,000 (FY 2021) US$117,000 (FY2017)
Produced 1974–present
Mass 100–108 lb (45–49 kg)