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How much does a gold plated iPhone cost?

How much does a gold plated iPhone cost?

If you thought the standalone price of the iPhone 11 Pro isn’t high enough, check out these customised variants of the iPhone 11 Pro by Legend Helsinki. The back panel of this customised phone is covered with 18K Gold and it costs about 3900 Euros, or around Rs 2,62,000.

Are gold iPhones real gold?

As its name implies, a 24K gold iPhone is an iPhone that has been plated with 24K gold. Basically, the casing of the iPhone is made out of gold while the internal components are still made out of the same internal electronic components that cause iPhones to work the way that they do. True 24K gold iPhone are rare.

How much does a 24K gold iPhone cost?

This super-exclusive 1kg 24-carat gold iPhone costs Rs. 1.15 crore | NewsBytes.

What is gold plated iPhone?

The Limited iPhone Editions with customized designs are truly unique. Each iPhone is gracefully plated with a thick layer of 24K Gold or Silver Stainless Steel. The design is engraved on the beautiful metal back and you can personalize the iPhone by adding your initials or name below the motive.

What is the highest price of iPhone?

A British company has unveiled the world’s most expensive mobile phone – a gold iPhone encrusted with nearly 200 diamonds that retails at a hefty 1.92 million pounds, or Rs. 14.7 crore. The phone, designed by Stuart Hughes for the Liverpool-based Goldstriker International, is made from 22-carat gold.

How much is the Golden iPhone 13?

Buy iPhone 13 Pro Max 1TB – Gold, iPhone, only K49,440.00.

What is 24k gold?

24-Karat Gold 24k gold is pure gold. It has absolutely no alloy added to it. Its bright yellow color is not common in the U.S. or other western countries. However, it’s very popular in China, India, and other Asian countries. Appearance: 24k gold is an extremely bright yellow.

Does gold iPhone cost more?

iPhone 12 Pro Gold: Does it Cost More, Is it Actually Better? The good news for all iPhone 12 Pro fans is Apple would not charge more for the “Gold version” color finish. Despite being a nifty and hidden feature, this is not something that Apple would charge extra from its customers.

Which company makes gold iPhone?

Gold & Co, a London-based company took the iPhone up a notch when they released their limited edition 24-karat gold-plated iPhones back in 2012. Since then, many companies have followed suit in souping up smartphones, tablets, and other devices — adding gold, silver, and diamonds.

Whats the most expensive iPhone?

It also means the iPhone 14 Pro Max could top $1,999 for the first time if the rumors of a 2TB storage option come to fruition….The iPhone 14 lineup might be the most expensive ever

  • iPhone 14: $799.
  • iPhone 14 Max: $899.
  • iPhone 14 Pro: $1,099.
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max: $1,199.