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How much does a Cannondale Scalpel weight?

How much does a Cannondale Scalpel weight?

24.9 lb
Cannondale claims that the Scalpel SE 1, which features a RockShox SID Select + fork, Shimano XT/SLX 12-speed group and Cannondale’s own carbon wheels, weighs 11.32 kg (24.9 lb).

What kind of bike is a Cannondale Scalpel?

XC bike
Scalpel SE – the ultralight trail bike. All the benefits of a world-class XC bike for your backyard. With 120mm of travel front and rear, slacker geometry and more aggressive trail components, the Scalpel SE offers wicked speed and playful capability for trail riders who attack every ride like a race.

Is Cannondale Scalpel a good bike?

The Cannondale Scalpel is exceptionally good at riding a huge variety of terrain well but it is not an “aggressive trailbike” that could casually do some bike park laps and still be fun on your local terrain. Instead, this is an XC bike with attitude.

How does the Lefty fork work?

A Lefty moves on thin strips of needle bearings that are placed on each flat side of the inner tube. Conventional forks with round tubes move on bushings, which are essentially plastic rings. Bushings have more “stiction,” or static friction that needs to be overcome before the fork moves into its travel.

Can you put a Lefty fork on any bike?

Until now, unless you a) own a Cannondale or b) had a frame custom made to fit their standard, you couldn’t run a Lefty suspension fork on your bike. Assuming you’re not put off by the look of it, there are few reasons you may want to.

How much does the Lefty Ocho weigh?

3.2 pounds
The Lefty Ocho fork is a single-crown version of the single-sided fork that’s been in Cannondale’s lineup for 18 years. With the updated design, Cannondale says the fork is 250 grams lighter than the previous Lefty Carbon. The Ocho Carbon fork’s weight is an impressive 1,446 grams — a little under 3.2 pounds.

Why does Cannondale use one fork?

The Lefty fork consolidates all the components of a conventional fork into a package that’s essentially half the size. To accomplish this, Cannondale used clever engineering to help the Lefty match and even exceed the performance of conventional XC forks.

Are Lefty forks lighter?

Having conventional fork with one leg wouldn’t work, such a fork would get stuck. Having bearing-fitted 2-legged fork is an overkill and unnecessary weight. The heaviest Lefty is still lighter than lightest carbon 2-legged.

What is the benefit of a Lefty fork?

Compared to a conventional fork of the same travel, the stiffer Lefty should provide more precision, control, and active suppleness in rough terrain, or under hard braking and cornering.

Is single fork suspension good?

The single-legged fork must truly withstand heavier bending forces than conventional forks, simply due to physics and asymmetricity. But because of its different construction, the fork is actually stiffer than most 2-legged.

Why do Cannondale bikes have one fork?

What’s the point of a Lefty fork?