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How much do subs make in Chicago Public Schools?

How much do subs make in Chicago Public Schools?

Average Chicago Public Schools Substitute Teacher yearly pay in Chicago is approximately $25,725, which is 29% below the national average.

Is Chicago Public Schools a government job?

If you work for a public school, you are a state employee, regardless of the state. When you work for a local, private school you are not an employee of the state or local government.

Do you have to live in Chicago to work for CPS?

Yes. All city employees must live in Chicago.

How much do Seca make in Chicago?

$41,074 per year
How much does a SECA at Chicago Public Schools make? The typical Chicago Public Schools SECA salary is $41,074 per year. SECA salaries at Chicago Public Schools can range from $32,163 – $57,218 per year.

Which district pays the most for Substitute Teachers?

Nevada is the best state for Substitute Teachers, where the median salary is $31,416. Nevada is the best state, and Windsor is the city with the highest pay for Substitute Teachers. And if you’re looking for a job, here are the five top employers hiring now: Kelly Services Jobs (3,707)

How do I become a substitute teacher in Chicago Public Schools?

Gain your license, apply to CPS, and start substitute teaching.

  1. Complete onboarding tasks within CPS taleo portal.
  2. Complete fingerprinting request ($50)
  3. Complete TB test ($20)
  4. Complete Drug test ($30)
  5. Schedule virtual meeting with CPS staffing services office to go over I-9 eligibility documents.

What is wrong with Chicago Public Schools?

More than 21,000 students in Chicago Public Schools, or CPS, are being left behind. They are attending schools that fail to prepare them for life. A majority of students attending the lowest 10 percent of elementary schools and high schools in Chicago don’t have basic competence in reading, science and math.

Where do Chicago Public Schools rank nationally?

The top-ranked CPS high schools include: Walter Payton College Preparatory High School: 1st in Illinois and 9th nationally. Northside College Preparatory High School: 2nd in Illinois and 23rd nationally. Lane Technical College Preparatory High School: 3rd in Illinois and 69th nationally.

How much money do Chicago public school teachers make?

Average Chicago Public Schools Teacher yearly pay in Chicago is approximately $71,271, which is 73% above the national average.

Can a CPS teacher live outside of Chicago?

Like other public workers, CPS employees are required to live within Chicago city limits unless they’re granted a waiver.

How do you become a paraprofessional in Chicago?

(PARA) Paraprofessional License Information

  1. Associate’s degree or higher.
  2. 60 semester hours of coursework.
  3. High School Diploma or GED and a score of 460 or higher on the ETS Parapro (ROE # 17 offers the ETS Parapro Exam, see below for more info)
  4. High School Diploma or GED and the following scores on the ACT Workkeys:

How do you become a SECA in Chicago?

Find a full-time Special Education Classroom Assistant or Teacher Assistant position in CPS in less than 30 days.

  1. Apply directly to SECA or TA position of your choosing via the CPS taleo job board.
  2. Apply to the SECA Pool and TA Pool listings on the CPS taleo job board that are shared with Principals every week.