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How much do Kiko goats cost?

How much do Kiko goats cost?

How Much Do Kiko Goats Cost? The cost of a Kiko goat will vary depending on the pedigree that you’re paying for. On the high end, you can expect to pay over $1,500 for a pedigreed buck. However, most commercially bred animals go for far less, usually around $500.

Are Kiko goats easy to raise?

Again, if you’re looking for a profitable meat goat breed that is relatively easy to keep and self-sufficient, then Kikos may be right for you. Kiko goats are active, hardy and offer more resistance to cold, sparse forage, hoof rot and barber pole worm infestations.

How fast do Kiko goats grow?

Kiko bucks are aggressive breeders and produce kids with low birthrates that gain weight rapidly. Kiko genetics crossed with Boer goats provide meaty, healthy, fast-growing kids that can reach market weight in about four months without being creep fed.

What is a Kiko goat good for?

Utility and Production. The Kiko goat is utilized mainly as a meat goat and is often crossed with dairy or other meat breeds to produce hardy fast-growing goats.

Are Kiko goats better than Boer goats?

Data from a study conducted at Tennessee State University in 2004 indicated that Kikos may be more parasite-resistant than other breeds and have fewer problems with foot-rot. In that study, Kikos weaned more pounds of kid per doe as compared with Boer goats. However, Boer goats are preferred by buyers at sale barns.

What is the lifespan of a Kiko goat?

eight to 12 years
Kiko goats are a hardy, large meat breed. Since they are disease and parasite resistant they often live over the life expectancy of eight to 12 years.

How often do Kiko goats have babies?

Annually, they typically give birth to two or more kids, and they will nurse on the mother’s milk until they are two to three months old. The mothers require very little assistance, which is why breeders profit so much from the sale of Kiko goats.

At what age can Kiko goats breed?

Some of these goats reach sexual maturity by 4 months of age, but it is not recommended to breed them this early. Most breeders wait until the kid is 8 months old and has at least 80 pounds of weight on them to ensure healthy young.

What is the most profitable meat goat?

There are a few popular meat goats which farmers prefer raising. One of the most profitable meat goats being the Boer goat, which when fully grown will come in at roughly 40 pounds.

What is the most parasite resistant goat?

The Spanish goat tolerates extreme heat and cold and favors brush and weeds for forage. Some producers have referred to them as the Brahman cow of the goat world because they make excellent mothers. The does thrive and produce with little management. They may also be some of the most parasite-resistant goats available.

Are Kiko goats aggressive?

The Kiko is an aggressive forager, capable of thriving under conditions of feed deprivation. This breed is generally solid white or cream in color although there are some of darker colors including black.

Do you have to milk Kiko goats?

Are Kiko Goats for You? Kiko goats can be an excellent breed to raise, and they’re perfect for meat production. You can also raise them for milk and even as pets. Their sweet personality and self-sufficiency make them easy to care for, so you can focus on other farm chores.