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How much did phones cost in 2009?

How much did phones cost in 2009?

Characteristic Price in U.S. dollars
4th quarter 2009 120$
4th quarter 2008 140$
4th quarter 2007 195$
4th quarter 2006 220$

What phones were available in 2009?

Top 10 Phones of 2009

  • Nokia N900.
  • iPhone 3GS.
  • Motorola Droid.
  • Nokia E72.
  • Nokia N97 Mini.
  • Samsung Omnia HD.
  • Sony Ericsson Satio.
  • Blackberry 8520.

Do old Nokia phones have any value?

A Nokia 8110 in good condition on eBay, brand new, never opened, is worth around US$500. Meanwhile, second-hand devices sell for $55 to around $200 depending on their condition.

What was the first phone in 2009?

The G1 phone was the first phone to be released with the Android operating system designed by Google. Also known as the HTC Dream. One million devices have sold as of April 2009.

How much did the first Nokia cost?

Flash forward another year and we get the Nokia 7110, which was lusted after by many geeks who saw it used in The Matrix. This $500 phone was the first to bring mobile web browsing to the market.

How much did phones cost in 2007?

In 2007, the iPhone arrived with a cost of $395, followed shortly after by the HTC Dream, or G1, which brought Android to the market and kicked off the current smartphone battle that brings us better and better phones. Prices have finally dropped to $300 and $200 for high end phones.

What phone was popular in 2008?

Top 10 Mobile Phones In Use: U.S. – Q3 2008

Rank Handset Embedded Base Of All Subscribers
1 Motorola RAZR V3 series (V3, V3c, V3m, V3i, V3i DG, V3) 9.3%
2 Motorola MotoKRZR series (K1m, K1) 2.0%
3 LG VX8300 series 1.6%
4 Apple iPhone 1.5%

What phones were out in 2008?

The Eight Hottest Smartphones of 2008

  • T-Mobile G1: Say Hello to Android.
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia 1: Experience Xperia.
  • BlackBerry Bold: Dare to Be Bold.
  • Apple iPhone 3G: A Touch of Brilliance.
  • Nokia E71: A Smartphone with Style.
  • Palm Treo Pro: Jewel in the Rough.
  • HTC Touch Pro: A Touch of Class.
  • BlackBerry Storm: All Touchy Feely.

Can you sell old Nokia phones?

Yes! You can sell broken Nokia phones with musicMagpie. Make sure the Nokia is fully functional before trading it in.

How much did a cell phone cost in 2000?

The 2000s: Smartphones Are Developed It had a shelf price of $700, which put it within reach of many consumers. BlackBerry Pearl ($350-$400): Early BlackBerrys, such as the BlackBerry 5810 of 2002, were clunky and more pager-like.

How much was a phone in 2000?