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How much colloidal silver should I give my dog?

How much colloidal silver should I give my dog?

For example, you can treat an eye infection by giving colloidal silver to your dog orally while also dropping it into the infected eye. A general guideline for oral dosage is 1/2 tsp per every 10 lbs, once per day, unless otherwise specified by your holistic veterinarian.

Can dogs lick colloidal silver?

Is Colloidal Silver Safe for Dogs? Long-term use of topical or oral colloidal silver is not safe or recommended for dogs. Silver is thought to cause physical damage to cells, says McFaddin. “Silver ions can leach from the silver particles, and these ions can have bioactive effects,” she explains.

What ppm of colloidal silver is best for dogs?

And don’t be fooled by high PPMs … they’re more toxic. A higher PPM isn’t better. A PPM of 10 is fine for most situations. Don’t use silver gels, salts or protein products.

Can I put colloidal silver in my dog’s ear?

For those poor dogs that suffer from ear infections, colloidal silver comes in as a savior. You can simply use it as a liquid just like you would use any regular ear drops. However, do not use too much of it.

What does colloidal silver do in dogs?

Colloidal Silver for pets, can be used as a natural antibiotic for dogs. It is also an anti-fungal, and effective in removing impurities in water. These natural properties make this an ideal solution for skin irritations (such as hot spots on dogs) and superficial injuries as well as internally for minor infection.

How do you give a dog colloidal silver?

When going for oral use, simply drop the colloidal silver into your dog’s mouth multiple times per day for ten days. Colloidal silver tastes like regular drinking water, so your pet should have no problem taking it. For topical application, you can either spray the colloidal silver or use it as a compress.

What does colloidal silver do for dogs?

Can colloidal silver cause seizures in dogs?

However, it must be given in proper amounts and in consultation with your dog’s veterinarian. Colloidal silver administered in incorrect or excessive doses can cause: kidney problems. seizures in dogs.

Is colloidal silver good for hot spots on dogs?

Colloidal Silver For Dogs and Cats by Vet Recommended Vet Recommended Colloidal Silver is generated to provide the best non-toxic spray for a variety of skin issues including burns, hot spots, oral dental problems.

Can you put colloidal silver on dogs skin?