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How much can I sell my breast milk for?

How much can I sell my breast milk for?

Women can post free classified ads for their milk. Most women sell their milk for an average of $2.50 an ounce, though you can also sell in bulk. Online milk communities generally have recommended standards for health, screening, storage, and transportation guidelines but do not police them.

Where can you sell breast milk?

Some of the human milk banks you can sell breast milk to include:

  • Mothers Milk Cooperative.
  • Human Milk Banking Association of America.
  • Tiny Treasures Milk Bank (Operated by Prolacta Bioscience)
  • Helping Hands Milk Bank (Operated by Prolacta Bioscience)
  • LactaLogics.

Is selling breast milk profitable?

Babies need between 19 and 30 ounces of breast milk daily between the ages of 1 to 6 months, so selling milk can bring you in a decent side income. For example, if you sold 25 ounces of breast milk per day at $1 an ounce for a year, you’d make more than $9,100.

Can you sell your own breast milk?

Selling breast milk is not illegal. It is unregulated. “When human milk is obtained directly from individuals or through the internet, the donor is unlikely to have been adequately screened for infectious disease or contamination risk,” according to the FDA.

How much do bodybuilders pay for breastmilk?

The average price is $1.50 per ounce, though there have been reports of women making thousands of dollars through online sales. Not all these men are drinking breast milk to build muscle. Some do it for a simpler reason: They enjoy it.

Can I sell my breast milk to bodybuilders?

A mother-of-two is making thousands of pounds by selling her breast milk on demand to bodybuilders – who are ditching steroids in favour of the milk. Rafaela Lamprou from Cyprus gave birth to her son Anjelo seven months ago – but realised soon after she was producing an excessive amount of breast milk.

How much does an ounce of breast milk cost?

Human donor milk from milk banks costs $3 to $5 (US) per ounce, and so it might cost $60 to $100 (US) per day for an 3.6-kg baby to consume 20 ounces per day, compared with only $0.50 to $2 (US) per ounce when the milk is purchased online.

Why do bodybuilders buy breast milk?

Instead of using water or other resources to provide nutrients and supplements in their protein shakes, bodybuilders are turning to breast milk in order to achieve muscle gains and get into shape.

Is there a black market for breastmilk?

Mums are fuelling a rise in black-market breast milk by selling it online, where it’s often referred to as ‘liqiud gold’ and snapped up by bodybuilders. Women from across Scotland, including in Aberdeen, Inverness, Ayrshire, Dundee and Fife, are selling the human milk online for as little as £1 per ounce.

Can I sell breast milk on Ebay?

No laws against it. Criagslist and Ebay do not allow the sale of bodily fluids but there not laws against selling breast milk.” Said Lori Wenner.

Is there a black market for breast milk?

The Global Times found that such a black market was functioning on Baidu Tieba and secondhand trading platforms Xianyu, Zhihu, or Sina Weibo, with many seeking safe and reliable breast milk for their newborns, or wet nurses. A few were even looking for breast milk for adults.

How much can you sell breast milk for on the black market?

On ad classified sites, like Only The Breast, and Breast Feeding Moms Unite, people sell their milk for around two dollars an ounce.

How do I Sell my Breast milk?

There are different processes to sell breast milk, depending on where you sell it. You’ll need to provide a clean bill of health, and some milk banks will require you to take a blood test. It’s also essential you provide safe milk, so you need to have a way to store your milk until it’s picked up or shipped.

Where can I donate breast milk for free?

Mother’s Milk Cooperative is an online community of mothers who wish to sell or donate extra breast milk. After you pass their donor screening process, they let you donate your extra breast milk for $1 an ounce. You must wait until your baby is at least three months old to donate (if you’re currently nursing).

Is it legal to buy breast milk?

As of 2020, there are no state or federal laws in place banning the purchase or sale of breast milk. As such, your breast milk may be the only chance of babies who are unable to access an unlimited supply of breast milk. And why not? Breast milk has been proven to have the following benefits:

Why do Women list offers to sell their milk?

Other women list their offers because they want to sell their milk at a lower price to help other moms who buy milk but can’t afford the higher prices through a milk bank or online websites and need to save money. Pumping can be time-consuming, but it also allows you to earn some extra money from home.