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How much can a Durango RT pull?

How much can a Durango RT pull?


How much can a 2012 Dodge Durango pull?

The Durango is available with rear- or all-wheel drive, a V-6 or V-8 engine option allowing a towing capacity of up to 7400 lbs, and can seat seven adults in comfort. The Durango’s two engine options are a 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 and a 5.7-liter Hemi V-8.

How much can a Dodge Durango V8 pull?

8,700 pounds
The 475-horsepower 6.4L HEMI® V8 engine comes standard on the Durango SRT® 392 All-Wheel-Drive model and is all about performance: zero to sixty in 4.7 seconds, a top speed of 160 miles per hour and a Best-in-Class towing capacity of up to 8,700 pounds( Disclosure2).

Can a Durango RT pull a camper?

So there you have it, the Dodge Durango can tow a large variety of RVs. With tow ratings from 6,200lbs up to 8,700lbs you will be able to find a camper that suits your needs.

Are Dodge Durangos good for towing?

Finally, the Durango SRT trim (2018 and up) comes with a monstrous 6.2-liter V8 engine producing 475 horsepower and 470 lb-ft of torque. This turns the Durango into a rocket capable of towing up to 8,700 pounds when properly equipped. All Durango SRT models come standard with all-wheel drive.

How much horsepower does a 2012 Dodge Durango RT have?

360 hp2012 Dodge Durango R/T / Horsepower

What is the towing capacity of a 2013 Dodge Durango RT?

7,200 to 7,400 lbs2013 Dodge Durango R/T / Towing capacity

How much can a 2013 Durango RT tow?

R/T 4dr All-wheel Drive 2013 Dodge Durango Specs

Torque 390 lb-ft.
Torque rpm 4,250
Payload 1,340 lbs.
Maximum towing capacity 7,200 lbs.

Can a Dodge Durango pull a travel trailer?

With the Dodge Durango, you’ll use a Class IV trailer hitch. These hitches are made for towing capacities up to 10,000 pounds, perfect for the Durango. The standard 3.6L V6 will be able to tow up to 6,200 pounds.

What engine is in a 2012 Dodge Durango?

3.6 L V6
5.7 L V8
2012 Dodge Durango/Engine

What is the towing capacity of a 2011 Dodge Durango?

5,000 to 7,400 lbs2011 Dodge Durango / Towing capacity