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How much are pies at Hartville Kitchen?

How much are pies at Hartville Kitchen?

Hartville Kitchen Menu Prices

Item Price Change
Pies $12.50 – –
Pie (Small) $6.95 – –
Fresh Strawberry Pie (Whole Pies to Go) $8.95 – –
Pecan Pie $14.95 – –

What time is Hartville Kitchen open till?


Friday 11AM – 8PM
Thursday 11AM – 8PM
Friday 11AM – 8PM
Saturday 11AM – 8PM
Sunday Closed

When did Hartville Kitchen move?

After Hartville grew out of its rural roots, the auction was discontinued, but the flea market continued at the site until 2002, when it moved to its present site. A food stand at the auction was moved into a larger building in 1966 and became the full-service Hartville Kitchen.

What is the zip code for Hartville Ohio?

44632Hartville / Zip code

What’s the phone number for Hartville Kitchen?

Have a question for our staff? Please give us a call at 330-877-9353 or submit a question on the Contact Us Page.

Is Hartville Kitchen open on Memorial Day?

Plan for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend! We will be open normal hours from 11am-8pm on Saturday. On May 30, we will be open from 10:30am-5pm.

Who owns Hartville?

HRM Enterprises — which runs Hartville Hardware — is buying the historic Lehman’s store in Kidron, combining two iconic businesses in Northeast Ohio. The deal was announced Monday.

Who is the owner of Hartville Kitchen?

In 1966, our parents, Howard and Sarah Miller, opened a small restaurant, which would eventually be named Hartville Kitchen. While it was Dad’s vision to open a restaurant, Mom supported him whole-heartedly.

What is Uniontown zip code?

15401Uniontown / Zip code

What is the zip code for Hartsville South Carolina?

Hartsville/Zip codes

What county is Hartville Kitchen in?

Stark County
We signed the Stay Safe in Stark County Pledge on 6.30. 2020. Please read here for more details on this initiative. Since 1966, our top priority has been the safety and well-being of our guests and team members at Hartville Kitchen Restaurant & Bakery.

What is the biggest hardware store in the US?

Hartville Hardware
Hartville Hardware – America’s Largest Hardware Store.

What kind of pies does Hartville kitchen bakery offer?

Hartville Kitchen Bakery offers a wide variety of pie flavors to delight the tastebuds. We offer cream pies and baked pies in several flavors. We also offer seasonal flavors.

Why eat at Hartville kitchen?

People tell us they come back time after time to the Hartville Kitchen Restaurant & Bakery for our familiar comfort foods and delectable baked goods—all prepared on site every day using fresh, simple, locally sourced ingredients and no preservatives. While you’re here, visit the Shops at Hartville Kitchen, as well as our bakery and store.

What is there to do in Hartville?

While you’re here, visit the Shops at Hartville Kitchen, as well as our bakery and store. Pick up a tasty pie, a professionally decorated cake (special orders available), homemade salad dressing, quality oil and vinegar, a special gift, and so much more!