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How much are Elton John tickets usually?

How much are Elton John tickets usually?

Tickets for Elton John shows in Los Angeles start at $82.00, and average $138.00. However, prices can vary based on the date of show, seat selection, tour guests, and many other factors.

Is Elton John touring in 2021?

Elton John has announced he is postponing his 2021 “Farewell Yellow Brick Road” tour dates in Europe and the U.K. until 2023.

What time do Elton John tickets go on sale?

The tickets go on sale at 10am and will be available here. The plan was to play 300 shows over three years, but this was interrupted by the coronavirus pandemic in 2020.

What should I wear to Elton John concert?

Whatever you want. If you’re going to dinner before or after, dress for whatever level of restaurant you’re going to. Otherwise, whatever you want. Some will be in jeans and t shirts, others in business casual, some in suit and tie.

How long does an Elton John concert last?

three hours
How long is an Elton John concert? An Elton John concert tour performance can last up to three hours. Expect up to 20 songs during the show, plus at least one encore.

Is Elton John still rich?

Elton John’s net worth is $500 million.

Has Elton John rescheduled his tour dates?

Elton John’s Farewell Yellow Brick Road shows at The O2 in November 2021 have been reescheduled to 2023. A statement from Elton: ‘It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I am forced to reschedule the 2021 dates of my Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour in Europe and the UK to 2023.

Why did Elton John wear a duck suit?

Elton’s costumes for the gig were being designed by legendary costumier Bob Mackie and a designer called Bruce Halperin, who were given the brief to ‘do their worst’. The results? The iconic Donald Duck costume that Bob designed for the encore, which wasn’t the most functional of stage outfits . . .

What should I wear to an Elton John concert?