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How much are Adventureland tickets in Des Moines Iowa?

How much are Adventureland tickets in Des Moines Iowa?

General Information. Admission Price: Ages 10+, $45; Ages 4-9 & 65+, $40; Ages 3 & under, free. Hours of Operation: Open at 10 a.m. See website for closing time.

What bank sells Adventureland tickets?

First Federal is a part of Adventureland’s 2021 Corporate Partner Program. With this partnership all members are able to purchase tickets online at a special discount!

Does Adventureland in Iowa have military discount?

Does Adventureland have a military discount? Yes we do!

Do you have to pay to park at Adventureland IA?

Parking purchased online in advance is $15 plus tax per car, per day. Parking purchased at the parking booth is $20 tax included per car, per day. Although Adventureland is CASHLESS, the Parking Booth is the only location that accepts cash.

What’s the new ride at Adventureland?

The FireBall is the fourth of its kind in the world and first and only in North America, according to an Adventureland news release. It is a rollerball roller coaster manufactured and custom designed by the prestigious Ride Engineers of Switzerland (RES).

Is Adventureland in Iowa open?

When does Adventure Bay open in 2022? Adventure Bay Waterpark is scheduled to open on May 27, Memorial Day weekend. Adventureland Park opened for season pass holders on the weekend of May 7.

What is an adventure card at Adventureland?

Season Pass Cards & Adventure Cards (The Cards) are plastic swipe cards that can be loaded with money to use as easy payment throughout Adventureland Resort.

Who owns Adventureland in Iowa?

PALACE ENTERTAINMENT TO ACQUIRE ADVENTURELAND ALTOONA, IOWA [December 21, 2021] – Palace Entertainment, a subsidiary of Parques Reunidos, one of the leading global operators of amusement parks with more than 60 different attractions assets around the world, today announces its acquisition of Adventureland Resort.

Can you bring water bottles to Adventureland?

You can’t bring outside food or beverages into Adventureland, but if you happen to bring a cooler in the car with a meal from home in it, you can avoid the meal prices inside the park.

Can you wear sandals to Adventureland?

Proper attire- for your safety, proper footwear is required upon entering the park. Open-toed sandals/shoes or flip flops are discouraged on any amusement ride or attraction in the park. Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times while visiting the park.

What happened to the dragon at Adventureland?

On May 17, 2020, Adventureland began teasing a new attraction for the 2021 season named The Dragon Slayer, which was later revealed to be a replacement for the Dragon. The very next day, construction crews began the process of dismantling the Dragon, now confirmed to be permanently closed.

How many roller coasters are at Adventureland?

Adventureland Resort (often referred to as Adventureland for short) is a theme park in Altoona, Iowa (just northeast of Des Moines). It is marketed as featuring over 100 rides, shows and attractions….Adventureland (Iowa)

Roller coasters 6
Water rides 24