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How many TV channels are there in Iraq?

How many TV channels are there in Iraq?

17 terrestrial
There are 17 terrestrial channels, of which one is funded by the US government through the U.S. Agency for Global Media (Alhurra-Iraq), and seven are owned by the state broadcaster Iraqi Media Network.

What channel is Iraq on?

Iraqi Arabic-language satellite channels

Channel Country
Al Iraqiya — قناة العراقية العامة National public television first channel. Iraq
Al Iraqiya News — قناة العراقية الاخبارية Iraq
Al Iraqiya Sports — قناة العراقية الرياضية Sports channel of Iraqi public television. Iraq

Is there TV in Iraq?

The mass media in Iraq includes print, radio, television, and online services. Iraq became the first Arab country to broadcast from a TV station, in 1954. As of 2020, more than 100 radio stations and 150 television stations were broadcasting to Iraq in Arabic, English, Kurdish, Turkmen, and Neo-Aramaic.

What are two current news stories about Iraq?


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  • A Balm for Psyches Scarred by War.
  • Iraqi Parliament Expands Law Against Normalizing Ties With Israel.
  • Guest Essay.
  • Iraqi Man Helped Plot to Kill Bush, F.B.I. Says.
  • TimesVideo.
  • Iraqis Choke Under a Blanket of Dust as Sandstorms Sweep the Country.
  • الخسائر البشرية للحرب الجوية الأمريكية

What is the frequency of Nilesat?

Channel Frequency and Details

Channel Name Best of Ethiopia
Satellite Name Nilesat 201 | Eutelsat 7.0°W
Frequency 11510 V
System DVB-S
Symbol Rate 27500

Who owned Iraq?

Britain seized Iraq from Ottoman Turkey during World War I and was granted a mandate by the League of Nations to govern the nation in 1920. A Hashemite monarchy was organized under British protection in 1921, and on October 3, 1932, the kingdom of Iraq was granted independence.

How do I search for a satellite channel?

How to scan a specific frequency for a new channel or channels.

  1. Go into ‘menu’ via satellite receiver remote control Find ‘installation’ or ‘satellite installation’ option and select.
  2. You should now see a screen where the satellite name is usually listed at the top.

What free TV channels can I get in my area?

ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, PBS and The CW are available in all major US cities. Various other networks including independent, international and faith based channels are also available but differ by city.