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How many trains are running from Guwahati to Bangalore?

How many trains are running from Guwahati to Bangalore?

Approximately 2 trains are found running between Guwahati to Bengaluru covering a distance of approx 2967 kms. Get the best price on Guwahati to Bengaluru online train ticket booking.

Is train available from Bangalore to Assam?

Some of the trains that operate between Bangalore and Guwahati include: AGTL HUMSAFAR , NEW TINSUKIA EXP. The first train on this route is NEW TINSUKIA EXP and leaves Bangalore at 03:10 am , and the last train from Bangalore to Guwahati is GUWAHATI EXP and leaves Bangalore at 23:40 pm.

How can I go to Guwahati from Bangalore?

Popular Trains from Guwahati to Bangalore

  1. 12504 – HUMSAFAR EXP. 07:10 PM. GHY, Guwahati Railway Station.
  2. 12510 – GHY BNC EXPRESS. 06:20 AM. GHY, Guwahati Railway Station.
  3. 02984 – AGTL BNC SPECIAL. Runs onMTWTFSS | Special TatkalClasses SL, 3A. 07:10 PM.
  4. 12552 – KYQ YPR AC EXP. 02:00 PM.
  5. 22502 – NTSK SBC SF EXP. 05:10 AM.

What is the time of Puri Express?

12837 Hwh Puri Express Train Time Table

Station Arrives Halt Time
CUTTACK (CTC) 04:25 5 mins
BHUBANESWAR (BBS) 05:10 5 mins
KHURDA ROAD JN (KUR) 05:35 5 mins
PURI (PURI) 07:10 End

Where is train No 12510?

The Ghy Bnc Express 12510 mail express departs from Guwahati at 06:20 hrs and arrives at Bengaluru Cant at 10:50 hrs.

What is the time of Guwahati Express?

The Guwahati Exp 12509 mail express departs from Bengaluru Cant at 11:40 hrs and arrives at New Bongaigaon at 01:45 hrs. The total running duration of Guwahati Exp train is 50hr 5min, stopping at 37 stations during the journey.

Is train available for Guwahati?

There are 74 weekly trains running from Guwahati. There are 17 trains originating , 43 trains passing and 14 trains terminating at Guwahati Railway station. The first train originating/passing from Guwahati departs at 03:20.

Is there any direct train from Guwahati to Goa?

There is no direct transport mode connectivity between Guwahati and Goa. The cheapest way to reach from Guwahati to Goa is train to Kalyan Jn, then bus to Goa and takes 68h 5m.

What is the departure time of Puri Express?

Hwh Puri Express -12837 ( Howrah Junction to Puri )

No. Station name (code) Departs
11 Kanas Road (KASR) 06:08
12 Delang (DEG) 06:28
13 Sakhi Gopal (SIL) 06:40
14 Puri (PURI) Ends

What is the full form of Ghy BNC Express?

GHY BNC EXPRESS Guwahati to Bangalore Cantt.

When local train will start in Assam?

Northeast Frontier Railway has decided to resume the services of two pairs of daily passenger special trains between New Bongaigaon and Guwahati for the benefit of local passengers. One train will run via Goalpara and another will run via Rangiya from September 22, 2021.

What is the fastest train from Guwahati to Puri?

The fastest train from Guwahati to Puri is 05644 Kyq Puri Special. It takes about 31hr 45min hours to reach Puri. This train leaves Guwahati (KYQ) at 23:45:00 and reaches Puri (PURI) at 07:30:00. It operates on Thur.

Total 6 trains are running between Guwahati and Bangalore railway station. Some major trains that run from Guwahati to Bangalore are NTSK SBC Express, KYQ BNC Humsafar, NTSK SBC Express, Shatabdi Express, GHY BNC Express . Use Goibibo for train ticket booking .

What is the price of KYQ Puri special ticket in Guwahati?

The price of Kyq Puri Special ticket is 385 INR. The train operates on Thur. The last train to Puri from Guwahati is 15644 Kyq Puri Express. It takes around 32hr 5min hours to reach Puri.

What is the name of the railway station in Bangalore?

Railway Station BNC, Bangalore Cantt. Railway Station BNC, Bangalore Cantt. Railway Station