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How many times has Messi been injured?

How many times has Messi been injured?

According to data provided by transfermarkt, Lionel Messi has been injured or ill 32 times in his career. Only six of his injuries have made him miss more than a month of action and more than five games out.

What injury did Messi have?

Messi has inflammation in his left Achilles, according to PSG. The 34-year-old, who signed for the French side from Barcelona in the offseason, has already missed a chunk of games this season due to injury and COVID-19, contributing eight goals in all competitions.

Has Messi ever had a big injury?

Lionel Messi’s worst injury came early in his Barcelona career. On November 13, 2006, he fractured a metatarsal bone and was out injured for 87days and missed 18 games for Barcelona, he returned to action on February 8, 2007.

Did Messi get injured in 2012?

2012/13 season December 5, 2012, Barcelona vs Benfica: He suffered a knock and hurt his left knee. He was subbed off in this Champions League match, but didn’t miss any others.

When was the last time Ronaldo was injured?

The last time it occurred was in mid-January this year, where he missed two matches against Aston Villa, one in the Premier League the other in the FA Cup. Given his age, 37, Ronaldo’s playing time could be coming to an end with the injuries he is now picking up.

What was Messi longest injury?

#30 Lionel Messi

Season Injury Days
21/22 Knee Problems 13 days
21/22 Bone Bruise 7 days
21/22 Fitness 25 days
20/21 Hamstring Injury 3 days

Why is Messi rarely injured?

Messi stays injury free because of his ability to avoid tackles onto him. He positions himself in such a way as that the defenders cannot evade tackles onto him. He has immense footballing intelligence. The other reason he stays injury free is his short height.

Is Messi injured 2015 16?

He came close in 2015/16 when he injured his right leg’s adductor in the game against Atletico Madrid but he managed to fully recover in 51 days. The Argentine’s most severe injuries came in his early days: he was out for 87 days with a metatarsal fracture in 2006/07 and for 70 days with a hamstring tear in 2005/06.

What age did Ronaldo retire?

At 34 years old, arguably the greatest striker who ever played the game has finally hung up his boots.

Is Ronaldo better than Messi?

With over 1500 goals between them, Messi and Ronaldo are undoubtedly two of the best finishers the footballing world has ever seen. However, while Ronaldo has scored more, statistics suggest Messi is better at shooting.

How serious is Messi’s latest injury?

Messi’s latest injury does not appear too serious but Barca will certainly hope the captain is not out for too long. The 33-year-old is bang in form with four goals in his last two matches. Yet the team can take confidence from their recent record without the Argentina international in the side, as highlighted by Opta.

Why was Lionel Messi replaced in Barcelona’s last match?

Coach Ronald Koeman admitted before the game at his pre-match press conference that Messi asked to be replaced in Barcelona’s last match, a 4-0 win over Granada, after feeling some discomfort. Follow the Heavy on Barcelona Facebook page for the latest breaking news, rumors and content!

What does Messi’s injury mean for Griezmann?

Messi’s injury means there will be plenty of focus on Griezmann to deliver the goods in the captain’s absence. The Frenchman has endured another underwhelming campaign at Barcelona but did end a recent dry patch with two goals last time out.