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How many REI locations are there?

How many REI locations are there?

About the REI Co-op REI has 175 locations in 41 states and the District of Columbia. If you can’t visit a store, you can shop at, REI Outlet or the REI shopping app. REI isn’t just about gear.

Is REI Only in America?

REI Adventures offers vacations for active travelers all over the world.

Is REI only in California?

REI Alaska locations are hard to find because there are only 2 REI stores in Alaska. You can find the REI store locations Alaska by looking below at the list of cities.

What does my REI mean?

The message to the gullible, huddled masses is that REI stands for “Recreational Equipment Incorporated”

Who is REI owned by?

Jerry Stritzke has been the CEO of REI since 2013. I talked to him about the company’s record annual revenue of $2.56 billion in 2016, their decision to close on Black Friday, and the retail landscape through the eyes of a co-op.

Is REI still in business?

Q: In light of the pandemic, what is the current status of REI stores? A: All stores are now open for limited in-store services. As we continue to expand in-person customer offerings, we’ll operate on a limited schedule, with open hours varying by location.

Is REI available in Canada?

We do ship to Canada. When you enter a new shipping address, the country drop down menu automatically selects United States. When you change this selection to Canada, the ‘State’ option should change to ‘Province’.

What is REI known for?

REI is a specialty outdoor retailer, headquartered near Seattle. The nation’s largest consumer co-op, REI is a growing community of 21.5 million members who expect and love the best quality gear, inspiring expert classes and trips, and outstanding customer service.

Where is the largest REI in us?


  • Seattle.
  • Can REI be an English name?

    Rei is a gender-neutral name with a multi-faceted definition, depending on its origin. In Hebrew traditions, the name means “friend” and “my companion,” which is sure to be true for you and baby.

    Is REI short for anything?

    Recreational Equipment, Inc. Reliant Energy, Inc.

    How much does the CEO of REI make?

    REI’s chief executive earns $3.15M for 2016.