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How many Razzie nominations does Sylvester Stallone have?

How many Razzie nominations does Sylvester Stallone have?

Sylvester Stallone Stallone is the king of the Razzies, for better or worse. He’s been nominated for Worst Actor a whopping 15 times and for Worst Supporting Actor three times for good measure. Nobody comes close to Sly’s total; he was also named Worst Actor of the Decade for the ’90s.

How many times was Sylvester Stallone nominated for an Oscar?

Sylvester Stallone awards
Totals Award Wins Nominations Academy Awards 0 3 BAFTA Awards 0 2 Golden Globes 1 3
Awards won 33
Nominations 71

Who has won the most Razzie?

After scoring the most Razzie nominations, Netflix’s filmed version of the Princess Diana Broadway musical, Diana, won the most Razzie Awards, scooping up five trophies.

Which movie won the most Razzies?

March 26 (Reuters) – A musical about Diana, the late Princess of Wales, and a remake of the semi-animated “Space Jam” starring LeBron James took home the most Razzies, the awards that skewer the year’s lamest films on the eve of the big Oscar ceremony.

Was Rocky 4 nominated for an Oscar?

It also received nominations for Worst Picture, Worst Supporting Actress (Talia Shire), Worst Supporting Actor (Burt Young) and Worst Screenplay.

Is Golden Globe better than Oscar?

The Oscars definitely edge out the Golden Globes for the bigger Hollywood ceremony. After all, winning an Oscar is a much higher recognition for talent.

Who won Rocky vs Apollo 3?

Rocky wins this time, just barely beating Apollo to his feet before the ten count, and becoming champion by knockout. In Rocky 3, an overconfident champion gets destroyed by Clubber Lang, and after the death of his trainer Mickey, Rocky gets unlikely help training for a rematch from his old rival Apollo.

Did Rocky 4 win any awards?

The film won five Golden Raspberry Awards, including Worst Actor (Sylvester Stallone, along with Rambo: First Blood Part II), Worst Director (Stallone), Worst Supporting Actress (Brigitte Nielsen), Worst New Star (Nielsen, and also for Red Sonja) and Worst Musical Score.