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How many questions are on the 608 EPA test?

How many questions are on the 608 EPA test?

The EPA 608 Type I exam consists of 50 multiple choice questions in total. Half of these questions are for the Core section of the exam, while the other 25 multiple choice questions are for the Type I portion of the exam.

What questions are on the EPA 608 test?

There are four sections in this test that comprise the four levels of certification so you’ll need to make sure your EPA 608 practice test covers all sections. Most questions will be in relation to equipment, safety regulations, identification of refrigerants, and safe shipping practices.

Is the EPA exam hard?

How Hard is the EPA 608 Test? For those who do not study, passing the EPA 608 exam may prove challenging. Technicians who prepare and study will likely pass the exam without too much worry. Be sure to review your study manual and memorize the proper information.

How do I prepare for EPA 608?

5 Tips for Studying for Your EPA Certification Test

  1. Use a Study Manual.
  2. Talk With an HVAC Professional.
  3. Make a Study Guide.
  4. Take a Practice Test.
  5. Watch Instructive Videos Online.
  6. Get Your Certification through Mainstream Engineering.

What happens if you fail the EPA test?

If you pass all four tests you obtain a Universal Certification. If you fail any of the sections, you need only retake the test(s) that you failed. Currently, EPA 608 certification does not expire but who knows what the future holds. Advice is to get yours and have it in your resume/pocket.

What does the EPA 608 test look like?

Each section of this test includes 25 questions, equating to 100 questions for complete certification. Individuals working to earn their 608 certifications must do so under the guidance of an EPA-approved certifying organization such as Mainstream Engineering.

How long is the EPA 608 Certification good for?

Section 608 Technician Certification credentials do not expire. Core tests taken as an open book exam cannot be used to get your Universal Certification. The core test must be taken as a proctored exam in order to attain Universal Certification.

How long is the EPA 608 test?

The program is administered from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., with an optional hour for lunch. Five (5) hours are allocated to the Seminar and two (2) hours to the Exam. For individuals that wish to take the EXAM only, we ask that you arrive at 1:00 p.m.

How do you remember refrigerants?

  1. Ver. 2 (June 12, 2011)
  2. How to Remember Typical Refrigerants. Think: Remember: Cl is bad … H is good. ODP. Examples *
  3. 1 CFC’s.
  4. chloro-‐fluoro-‐carbons. bad.
  5. -‐011, -‐012, 113, -‐114. 2 HCFC’s hydro-‐chloro-‐fluoro-‐carbons.
  6. better. .05.
  7. -‐022, -‐123. 3 HFC’s.
  8. hydro-‐fluoro-‐carbons. best.

How many times can you take the EPA 608?

To earn your certification you must pass a one-time exam administered by an EPA-approved certifying organization. Your certification never expires and there is no requirement for renewal.

What score do you need to pass the EPA 608?

To receive an EPA 608 certification, a candidate must pass the Core section plus one of the technician types listed above. A passing score in a proctored setting is 70%. Core & Type I can be taken in a non-proctored setting, where the passing score is 84%.

Can you use 134a in home AC?

R134 was specifically designed to replace R12 used in smaller air conditioning units, such as those used in vehicles. R134 is also used in home appliances, mobile refrigeration units and stationary commercial units, such as cold cases in grocery stores.

Where to take the EPA 608 exam?

You can take the online EPA 608 test in English and Spanish through Trade Masters Online. Trade Masters Online LLC is fully approved and recognized by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a licensing program.

Where to take 608 exam?

– Start Información requerida del estudiante – Start Regulaciones y documentos de prueba – Lea antes del día de la prueba – Start Procedimientos del día del examen – Start EPA 608 – Core (Spanish) – Start EPA 608 – Type 1 (Spanish) – Start EPA 608 – Type 2 (Spanish) – Start EPA 608 – Type 3 (Spanish) – Start Volver a Registrarse

What is the EPA 608 Universal certification?

The EPA 608 Universal certification exam is a proctored test administered by an EPA-approved organization. This ensures that every HVAC technician who sits for the exam is only scored by a credible, neutral third-party.

How to get your EPA 608 refrigerant certification?

– Attaching and detaching hoses and gauges to and from an appliance to measure pressure within the appliance. – Adding refrigerant to or removing refrigerant from an appliance. – Any other activity that violates the integrity of a motor vehicle air conditioner (MVAC)-like appliance or small appliance (other than disposal).