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How many prisoners are in wymott?

How many prisoners are in wymott?

Over 1100 men live at Wymott across 11 units. Six of those units are reserved for men convicted of a sex offence. Facilities include a sports hall, exercise equipment, weight room, assault course and outdoor sports field.

What category is Garth prison?

category B training
Situated next to HMP Wymott near Leyland, Garth is a category B training prison in Lancashire. Opened in 1988, Garth holds long-term and indeterminate-sentenced prisoners.

What type of prison is wymott?

category C working prison
HMP Wymott is a category C working prison for adult men and a small number of young adults.

What are Category B prisoners?

Generally speaking, a prisoner is placed in a category B prison if: They’re serving a sentence of 10 years or more. They’re serving an indeterminate sentence. They’ve previously escaped from a closed prison, or from the police or escort.

When was HMP Wymott built?

HMP Wymott is a category C male’s prison in Ulnes Walton (near Leyland), Lancashire. Opened in 1979, the prison has capacity to hold 1,176 male inmates.

Which prisons are Category B?


  • HM Prison Bedford.
  • HM Prison Birmingham.
  • HM Prison Bristol.
  • HM Prison Brixton.
  • HM Prison Bullingdon.

What is a Category C prison UK?

Category C – Category C prisoners cannot be trusted in open conditions but are considered to be prisoners who are unlikely to make a determined escape attempt.

What prisons are Category C?

Category C prisons are for inmates who cannot be trusted in open prison, but who have been recognised as being unlikely to make any attempt at escape.

What are the different categories of prisons?

Male prisons are organised into 4 categories

  • Category A. These are high security prisons.
  • Category B. These prisons are either local or training prisons.
  • Category C.
  • Category D – open prisons.
  • Young Offender Institution (YOI)
  • Youth Custody.

What type of prison is Wymott?

HM Prison Wymott is a Category C men’s prison near Leyland, Lancashire, England. Wymott is operated by Her Majesty’s Prison Service, and is next to HMP Garth. The prison has facilities for housing sex offenders, in addition to inmates sentenced for mainstream offences.

How do I complain about a prisoner in Wymott?

If you cannot resolve the problem directly, you can make a complaint to HM Prison and Probation Service. If you have concerns about the safety or wellbeing of a man in Wymott, call the main switchboard and ask for the orderly officer or duty governor.

What is the HMP Wymott?

HMP Wymott is situated in Leyland in Lancashire, and is a category C training prison for adult males.

Is it safe to go to Wymott?

Wymott is committed to providing a safe and educational environment where men can learn new skills to help them on release. Every person at Wymott has a right to feel safe. The staff are responsible for their safeguarding and welfare at all times. All safeguarding processes are overseen by the Lancashire Safeguarding Adults Board.