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How many postcodes are there in Hull?

How many postcodes are there in Hull?

HU postcode area

Postcode districts 21
Postcode sectors 69
Postcodes (live) 10,951
Postcodes (total) 15,253

Where is the postcode HU2?

Kingston upon Hull, United KingdomHU2 / City

Is Hull a rough city?

Kingston upon Hull is the most dangerous city in the East Riding of Yorkshire, and is among the top 5 most dangerous overall out of the East Riding of Yorkshire’s 171 towns, villages, and cities. The overall crime rate in Kingston upon Hull in 2021 was 124 crimes per 1,000 people.

Is Hull a wealthy city?

Once again, these findings show that Hull is the cheapest city to live in, followed closely by Aberdeen and Sheffield. These low living costs go some way to explain why workers in these cities are among the richest in the UK. In contrast, London, Brighton and Edinburgh are the most expensive cities to live in.

What is the postal County for Hull?

Hull, City of Kingston upon Hull Postal / ZIP Codes

General Information
Postcode HU1, HU10, HU2, HU3, HU4, HU5, HU6, HU7, HU8, HU9
District Hull
County City of Kingston upon Hull
Region Yorkshire and the Humber

What is the code for Hull?

The 01482 area code is a 4 digit geographical dialling code (excluding the zero) used in telecommunications for the Hull area. The local telephone numbers within the 01482 are 6 digits long.

What area is HU9?

The HU9 postcode area is located in the Hull postcode town region, within the county of Yorkshire, and contains a total of 1459 individual postcodes.

Where is hu6?

Kingston upon Hull, United Kingdom
Dunswell, United Kingdom

What is the roughest part of Hull?

Hull city centre is the most dangerous place to live in Hull and East Yorkshire, according to the latest crime figures. During the year ending January 2022, Hull city centre suffered more crime than anywhere else in our area. A total of 4,895 crimes were committed in the area over the last 12 months.

What is the best area in Hull?

The 10 most desirable places to live in Hull

  • The Runnymede Way area of Kingswood.
  • Anlaby Park.
  • Sutton Road area of Stoneferry.
  • Easterly part of Sutton Ings.
  • Richmond Way and Greenwich Park part of Kingswood.
  • Northern edge of Kingswood.
  • The western part of Sutton Ings.
  • The northern part of Sutton-On-Hull.

Is Hull the poorest city?

Income in Hull is not among the very worst in the UK, at £466.30 – of the 10 worst places over all in our study, it has the second highest weekly gross income after South Teesside, which is in the 10th worst position. Disposable income is low, however, at £13,046 for the average household.

Where should I not live in Hull?