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How many people were on Tainui waka?

How many people were on Tainui waka?

forty crew-
Tradition records the names of forty crew-members, twenty-nine men and eleven women. The men were: Hoturoa, chief of the canoe, who sat at the stern.

What is the iwi for Tainui?

There are four principal tribes that comprise the Tainui waka. They are Hauraki, Ngaati Maniapoto, Ngaati Raukawa and Waikato (Source: The Waikato-Tainui iwi are the kai-tiaki (guardian) of the Kiingitanga.

Is Tainui a iwi or waka?

The Waikato region is the home of many tribes that trace their ancestry back to the voyagers on the Tainui waka (canoe). This map shows the principal tribes, and their traditional territories, both within and near Waikato.

What do Waikato-Tainui do?

Waikato-Tainui oversee the operational functions that strive to meet the social and cultural needs of the diverse membership. This is reflected in a robust work programme which is reviewed annually. We also oversee and implement of the 2008 Waikato River Settlement and related statutory and regulatory reform.

Who is the captain of Tainui waka?

Kia ora, Hotu. Naturally, seeing that your name is Hoturoa, I’m not surprised that you’re a seafaring man. History tells us that many hundreds of years ago, it was Hoturoa who captained the Tainui waka in the voyage from Hawaiki to Aotearoa.

What does Tainui in Māori mean?

1. your – when talking of more than one thing. It refers to only one person and is the Tainui variation of ō being the plural of tō. A possessive determiner which must be followed by a noun, unlike āku and ōku.

Who is the CEO of Tainui?

Chris Joblin
The Board of Tainui Group Holdings (TGH) today announced the appointment of Chris Joblin to the role of CEO. Mr Joblin joined TGH in December 2009 as Chief Financial Officer and has been Acting Chief Executive since mid-April this year.

What Tainui owns?

The Waikato Raupatu Trust
Exclusive to the Maori Economy, Waikato-Tainui has an Exclusive Economic Zone that covers more than 25,000 km2….Tainui Group Holdings.

Trade name Tainui Group
Owner The Waikato Raupatu Trust
Members 67,000 (2015)
Parent Te Whakakitenga o Waikato Incorporated

Why did the Tainui waka leave?

Te Arawa and its crew left Hawaiki after a conflict over food resources involving Houmaitawhiti and his sons Tamatekapua and Whakatūria against the chiefs Toi and Uenuku.

Who was the captain of Tainui?

High priest and commander of Tainui canoe. Hoturoa was born in Hawaiki, the son of Auauterangi and Kuotepo, and was distantly related to Tama te Kapua. According to Maori tradition Hoturoa was middle aged when he made the voyage to New Zealand.

Where is Ngati Mahuta?

Situated around Ngaruawahia and Taupiri (reference, Leslie Kelly `Tainui’). Ngati Mahuta marae include; Okarea, Taniwha, Te Puea, Turangawaewae and Waahi (Reference, Waikato Raupatu Lands Trust, 2005).

What is iwi in New Zealand?

An iwi, or Māori tribe, is one of the largest kinship groupings and is generally made up of several hapū that are all descended from a common ancestor.