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How many pages can an ink cartridge print Epson?

How many pages can an ink cartridge print Epson?

The tanks hold enough ink to print up to 4,000 pages black and 6,500 pages color, which is about two years’ worth of use or 20 sets of ink cartridges, according to Epson. The company also says users can save up to 80 percent on ink.

How many pages will Epson 252XL print?

Go longer between cartridge replacements with the high-yield Epson 252XL/252 ink cartridge multi-pack. The extra-large black cartridge produces up to 1,200 pages at 5 percent coverage, so your staff can power through everyday documents without stopping to add more ink.

How many pages can you print with 910XL?

Yield Approx. 825 Pages per Cartridge. Includes 3 New HP 910XL Cartridges: 1 HP 910XL Cyan, 1HP 910XL Magenta, 1 HP 910XL Yellow.

How many pages can you print with Epson 212XL?

Overview. This Black 212XL High Capacity Ink Cartridge for high-volume printing delivers sharp text for long-lasting, high quality results. Yielding 500 pages, this cartridge works with the Expression Home XP-4100 and XP-4105 and WorKForce WF-2830 and WF-2850.

How many pages does high yield ink print?

Standard Yield: HP 37A, prints 11,000 pages. High Yield: HP 37X, prints 25,000 Pages. Extra High Yield: HP 37Y, prints 41,000 pages.

What is the page yield on ink cartridges?

Page yield is the approximate number of pages you can print with one cartridge. The page yield of a cartridge is based upon the ISO standard for measuring ink cartridge yields by printing out pages with 5% page coverage* until the cartridge runs empty.

How many pages will an Epson 212 cartridge print?

The standard Epson 212 ink Page Yield for Black and Color is 150 pages. The Epson 212XL (High Yield) Black has a page yield of 500 pages, while the Epson 212XL Color has a page yield of 350 pages.

What is the difference between 252 and 252XL?

Note that only some printers that accept the 252 can accept the 252XL, which is made wider to hold the additional ink. For example, the WF-3620 is advertised as accepting the 252XL, but it only has a wide slot for the BLACK 252XL; the slots for the color cartridges are only wide enough to accept the 252.

What is the difference between 910 and 910XL?

The HP 910XL has a higher page yield than the HP 910, which lasts almost three times longer than the 910 cartridge for only double the price of the 910 cartridge, you can print more and spend less. Order from v4ink, you will save up to 50% from purchasing OEM products.

How many pages can a color ink cartridge print?

According to PCMag, a standard ink cartridge will print an average of 220 pages, (with 11 ml of ink). A high capacity cartridge prints an average of 350 pages, (its tank holds 16 ml of ink).

How many pages can an Epson 212 ink cartridge print?

How many pages will 212 ink print?

The Epson 212 ink prints up to 130 pages at an average 5% coverage.