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How many Oscars did Gone With the Wind receive?

How many Oscars did Gone With the Wind receive?

eight Academy Awards
Gone with the Wind won eight Academy Awards: Best Picture, Actress (Vivien Leigh), Supporting Actress (Hattie McDaniel), Art Direction (Lyle R. Wheeler), Color Cinematography (Ernest Haller, Ray Rennahan), Directing (Victor Fleming), Film Editing (Hal C. Kern, James E.

Who has the most Oscar wind?

Animator and producer Walt Disney holds the all-time record with 22 Oscars.

Did anyone win an Academy Award for Gone with the Wind?

At the 12th Academy Awards, it received ten Academy Awards (eight competitive, two honorary) from thirteen nominations, including wins for Best Picture, Best Director (Fleming), Best Adapted Screenplay (posthumously awarded to Sidney Howard), Best Actress (Leigh), and Best Supporting Actress (Hattie McDaniel, becoming …

What is the only Norwegian film to win an Oscar?

Ni liv (Nine Lives – 1957)

Which film has won 10 Oscars?

Oscars® Movie Title Year
11 Ben-Hur 1959
11 The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King 2003
Films with 10 wins – 1
10 West Side Story 1961

Is Gone With the Wind banned?

Nobody is banning Gone With the Wind. One streaming service has decided to withdraw the film for a while before re-introducing it accompanied by “a discussion of its historical context”. HBO also promises a denouncement of “racist depictions” that unquestionably soften and pervert the horrors of slavery.

Who won 3 Best Actor Oscars?

Daniel Day-Lewis Hepburn starred in dozens of movies, while Day-Lewis is more selective. He’s been nominated only six times, but he’s won three Oscars for Best Actor.

What country has won the most Oscars?

Academy Awards for Best International Feature Film tally by country

Submitting country Number of winning films Number of nominated films
Italy 14 32
France 12 40
Japan 5 17
Spain 4 20

Why is Scarlett O’Hara Cancelled?

On Tuesday night, the service temporarily pulled the film from its catalog, citing the need for “an explanation and a denouncement” of the movie’s depictions of race relations — presumably something similar to the “outdated cultural depictions” disclaimer offered on some titles on Disney Plus.