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How many liters is a recon?

How many liters is a recon?

30 liters
Standing at 30 liters, the Recon strikes a balance between a daypack and something you can use for travel. It certainly has a lot of compartments and pockets ready to be filled to the brim with gear.

Is the Recon bigger than the Borealis?

As you can see from the specs, there is not a huge difference between these packs on paper. In fact, the main differences between the Recon and Borealis are the internal size, weight and a few minor features. The Borealis is 30L compared to 28L in the Recon, which also means it’s a little thicker and a touch heavier.

How much does North Face Recon weigh?

Weight: 2 lbs 7.7 oz (1125 g). Dimensions: 19.25″ x 13″ x 7″ (48.9 cm x 33 cm x 17.8 cm). Laptop Sleeve: 11.5″ x 17.75″ (29.2 cm x 45 cm).

Is The North Face Recon Backpack good for school?

The 30-liter North Face Recon backpack is ultra-durable and boasts improved suspension for all-day comfort. It features plenty of compartments and pockets to stash away your gear. Mesh water bottle pockets help you stay hydrated while you’re on the go. Large, but comfy, it’s one of the best backpacks for college.

Which North Face backpack should I get?

The Top North Face Backpacks

  • Best North Face Commuter Backpack. Surge Backpack.
  • Best Hiking Backpack. North Face Diad Pro 22.
  • Best Backpack for Backpackers. North Face Terra 65.
  • Best Carry-On Backpack. North Face Router Backpack.
  • Best Women’s Backpack. Women’s Borealis Backpack.
  • Best Pack For College. North Face Jester.

How many liters is The North Face Jester?

27 Liters
Volume: 27 Liters.

How big is the North Face Recon Backpack?

12 x 11 x 3 inches
Product information

Product Dimensions 12 x 11 x 3 inches
Department Womens
Manufacturer THE NORTH FACE
Item model number A3KV2

Is The North Face Recon water resistant?

The Recon has a durable water resistant (DWR) coating applied that sheds the water off immediately upon contact.

Is The North Face Recon backpack good for school?

Are North Face backpacks good for hiking?

Plus, the tough, ripstop fabric means even the hardest trails will find your bag a tough nut to crack. If it starts to drizzle, no need to reach for the rain cover: The North Face bags are water resistant so you can keep going in any weather. They have plenty of room to pack a rain jacket for emergencies.

Why do backpacks have 2 handles?

Up at the top of the Jester is a pair of grab handles, and these are some well-padded ones. They’re very comfortable to use, and having two of them makes for a more balanced carry. Some daypacks opt for a simple nylon loop between the shoulder straps.