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How many levels are in AFF?

How many levels are in AFF?

8 levels
There are 8 levels to the AFF course – each consisting of training on the ground, a single skydive and a set of manoeuvres that you must complete before moving on to the next level. It’s considered the fastest and most successful way to learn to skydive in the world. AFF Level 1 – Your first skydive!

How much does a skydiving license cost UK?

A static line training course generally costs £200 – £270. Agents and third party booking services are usually at the upper end of the price range. Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) course prices vary by level, airfield and number of skydives, with the full course costing from £1,400 – £1,800.

Can I jump solo with AFF?

Get your Skydive Licence to jump solo The AFF course (Accelerated freefall course) is your ticket to freedom in learning to skydive all by yourself.

How much does it cost to jump out of a plane?

Skydiving usually costs around the $200 range in the United States. This can vary in some markets from $150 through $250, but the most common price is $200 to an altitude of 13,500 feet not including video services.

How many jumps before you can go solo?

25 jumps
After you’ve logged 25 jumps and shown the required skills, you’ll be eligible to apply and test for your USPA ‘A’ license. This means you are a qualified skydiver and are clear to jump solo without supervision.

How many hours do you need to skydive alone?

6 hours
On your first AFF Level, you will receive 6 hours of ground training and learn to skydive solo. You will jump utilizing your own equipment and jumping with two USPA certified instructors. Under normal conditions you will jump the same day as you complete the ground training.

How much do parachutes cost?

Cost of New and Used Skydiving Equipment

Parachute Container $2500-$5500 $1200-$3000
Reserve Parachute $1450-$1800 $800-$1250
Main Parachute $2200-$2500 $900-$1900
AAD $1000-$1200 $650-$850

How many times do you have to skydive with an instructor?

Complete all requirements laid out by the USPA A License Proficiency Card. Complete a minimum of 25 freefall skydives (including tandems) Make five skydives with one or more other people. Pass the USPA written and oral exams.

How many skydives do you need to wingsuit?

200 skydives
The USPA recommends that a skydiver have accrued 200 skydives within the last 18 months before even thinking about zipping into a wingsuit. In addition to this jump requirement, would-be wingsuiters are required to take a wingsuit first jump course to cover the skills needed for a safe and successful wingsuit flight.

Can you skydive without a parachute?

Skydiver Luke Aikins (pictured) lands safely after jumping 25,000 feet from an airplane without a parachute or wing suit as part of ‘Stride Gum Presets Heaven Sent’ on 30 July 2016 in Simi Valley, California.